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Public Members Profile: Chris Rana

We provide custom shielding options. It is common that the fields people are sensitive to vary between people. Because of this, we work closely with you and customise a solution to cater to your needs. We also shield and provide absorption solutions for sources which you may not be showing any symptoms too.
Name:Chris Rana
Group / Organisation:Mobile Faraday Cage
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  • How is your personal debt?
  • How is your health?
  • Do you exercise your credit card more than you exercise your body?
  • Is today’s stressful lifestyle running you down?
  • So overwhelmed with life, your health is being affected.
  • Do you understand your Tax or do you just leave that in the hands of someone else?
  • Have you thought about Bankruptcy, what is it really and how does it work?
  • Sick of having friends and family falling ill with, cancer, diabetes, IBS, depression…..?
  • Do you have more of a relationship with your Doctor or Pharmacist than with your own family?
  • Do your kids know your Doctor too well?
  • Has the thought entered your mind that something in the financial/health/legal system isn’t quite right?
  • Have you tried the no-fuss debt relief, only to end up in more strife?

What is it all about?

This weekend event is all about bringing together the best speakers and business’ to share information/product/services(solutions) which you will not find elsewhere. With speakers & exhibitors leading in their respective fields on law, bankruptcy, debt consolidation, tax, ATO, accounting, as well as some of the industry leaders on health, cancer, project fundraising, fitness, personal development, spirituality, detoxification, diagnosis to mention a few.

We also have HUGE support for new, upcoming Projects/inventions, cutting edge technology/ideas and products. Bring them along and share with an exclusive audience.

Our aim to bring like minded people together, and support the work you all do. We will promote the work you do, dispelling myths around wealth, health , wellness, life, the system, education, beliefs, conditioning etc

This weekend is for each and one of you, if your wanting to learn about the things mentioned above, if you have something to share with people interested in the things above, or you have a message to share with people interested in the above.