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ManufacturerMobile Faraday Shield
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Contact PersonCnris Rana
Contact Phone0422756182

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Custom Vehicle/caravan EHS shielding

Mission: Our mission is to solve and relieve transportation and freedom constraints for EHS and other sensitive people across Australia.

How it works:

We provide custom shielding options. It is common that the fields people are sensitive to vary between people.

Because of this, we work closely with you and customise a solution to cater to your needs.

We also shield and provide absorption solutions for sources which you may not be showing any symptoms too.

Your options include custom shielding to an existing vehicle of yours or we can facilitate sourcing of a suitable vehicle/mobile home/caravan/bus and custom finishing to your needs.

Inclusive if external/internal reflective shielding along with internal frequency absorption to prevent concentrating fields entering the reflective layer of the protective barrier.

Location: Altona North, Victoria (by appointment only)

Process: Firstly we request you contact us via email, send through details relating to what you are sensitive to (if known) and what type of vehicle you are looking to protect.

Pricing: The materials required for this process are highly valued. We use and source materials which are proven successful for particular frequencies to ensure value for money.

Materials are sourced from reliable suppliers and we apply a 14.5%margin to materials + installation. If we are working on an old caravan we will also include uplifting works, ie painting, upholstering, flooring and external repairs as necessary.

Availability: It will be a first come, first serve process. As we can only facilitate 1 project at a time, durations for each project varies so availability is limited.