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Author: Chris Rana
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SuburbAltona North
Contact PersonChris Rana
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Dontate your old caravan and help an EHS person.

Mobile Faraday Shield is a company that takes caravans, campervans, cars or any other vehicle and shields them using EMR shielding materials to the owners specifications.

Many EHS people are in desperate need of a shielded or protected area where they can live or use to travel to safer areas. These people may live in the city or the country. The vans may be used in the city by EHS people who cannot live anywhere else but need a shielded living space due to all the smart meters and phone towers.

To help people in need, many of which cannot afford a caravan, car or campervan, donate your caravan to Mobile Faraday Shield and they will shield it to the new owners specifications and only charge them for the cost of shielding. So basically the new owner gets a new place to live for a fraction of the cost.

If you have on old caravan, car, bus, campervan or other suitable living or traveling vehicle, contact Mobile Faraday Shields and donate it to help someone in need.