recommended EMR meters

Recommended meters for beginners

If you are unsure of what meters to get and you are new to EMR and how to measure it, this is what I would personally recommend from personal experience..

The Meters that I am going to recommend, are the Cornet ED-78s, and the Trifield Flat Frequency Meter. I have been dropped my own ones dozens of times each. Dropped and kicked them by accident or in an attempt to catch them with my foot. They have been bouncing around in my bag and treated reasonably roughly by people who did not know what was in the bag. They have got wet several times and they have been left outside in sub zero temperatures several times. They still work extremely well and I do not go anywhere without them.

I have since bought other more industrial grade meters with promises of more accuracy etc. Yes these meters are more accurate, and this may be more important for the professional, but I rarely use these more expensive meters. I just use my trusty old Cornet and my Trifield.

I occasionally break out the more expensive and more impressive looking meters when I want to look more important with my clipboard, safety jacket and meter. But apart from this, they rarely get used. They do look good though.

The problem!
The problem with meters is this, to the best of my knowledge, there is no meter that covers all spetrums and does it well. They all do one thing very well and the other thigs not so well. For example, one meter may read magnetic radiation extremely well, but is hopeless at reading RF (Radio Frequency).
So what you need to do is have a combination of meters that cover the most important aspects of EMR.

It is helpful to categorise the types of readings into groups or spectrums. keeping it simle, I would start by familiarizing yourself with three basic types of readings:

EMF (Electro Magnetic Field)
RF (Radio frequency)

Now I may not be 100%, perfectly, technically correct on this point and many people may find many things incorrect with this categorisation. I am just trying to keep it simple for the beginner and am foregoing the technicalities for the sake of helping someone make a choice of which meters to buy if they are new.Don't worry, the meters that I recommend are ones that I have had for a couple of years now and they are fantastic. I bought the right meters by chance first time. And since then have not seen any reason why I should have bought anything else.


EMF is often referred to as dirty electricity. The sources can vary greatly, but basically they are at the lower end of the spectrum and include radiation from power lines, computers, trams, underground power lines, electrical wiring in your house, radiation from other sorts of wiring and electrical appliances.
In my experience the best meter for this is the Trifield Flat Frequency Meter.
My whole world changed when I got one of these Trifield meters. I had at one stage thought that maybe my EHS was in my head as I could feel symptoms, but my Cornet could not pick up anything. When I got the Trifield, I realised that it was not in my head, it was just that I did not have the right meter to detect the source of the radiation that was causing my symptoms.
I was shocked to see that every single house that I walked into had high levels of EMF in the ceiling. The whole house is a transmitter, every single house that I went into.

RF (Radio frequency)

Things that would fall into this category would be: mobile phones, mobile phone towers, WIFI, smart meters, microwave ovens, digital TV and DECT phones. This range is commonly measured in hertz, mega hertz or giga hertz.
For the beginner on a budget, I would recommend the Cornet Model ED-78s. This will cover from 100 MHz to 8.0 GHz. This will basically measure anything from a FM radio to lower frequency satellite transmissions. It is rugged, lightweight and accurate enough for non commercial purposes. It also passes for a mobile phone or camera when you want to do readings without people thinking you are from the CIA or something like that.


Sources of Magnetic radiation are most commonly things like transformers, inverters, car alternators and power boxes to name a few. If you are going to buy a new car or even a second hand car, you need to take one of these with you and measure inside the car. Most cars are extremely high in magnetic radiation and can cause symptoms on long or even short drives.

Again for this purpose I would recommend the Trifield meter. It is outstanding

 So to sum it up, I am recommending the Trifield flat frequency meter (or you can get one with an alarm), and the Cornet Cornet Model ED-78s. Rugged, accurate enough for non-commercial use and they cover the most common sources of radiation.

The total cost of these meters is under $300. This is pretty much the cheapest way of getting all the benefits for the least outlay. Your life will change once you have these meters. All of the uncertainty about what is causing your symptoms will be disappear and it will all become clear.

The Cornet ED-78s. $139.95

Cornet ED-78s

The Trifield flat frequency meter. $149.95

Trifield flat frequency meter