Proposed Refuge Myrrhee Victoria

Information about the proposed refuge in Myrrhee Victoria

I have had several EHS people come here and I have had a couple of them say that there is something here that is affecting them, but we don't know what it is. I am guessing that it is something that is outside the range of the meters that I have. So this is the reason that I would suggest people that are very sensitive should give it a miss.
Some of this has just come to light as I am typing this after discussions with people that are more educated on this topic than myself.
It is more than likely point to point communications devices that are positioned behind us on a mountain top transmitting at 7.2GHZ. In theory these should not be a problem as they are well away and we are not in the line of the beam. But there is no other explanation for this issue.

This is an information page for anyone that wants to know what is happening about the proposed refuge in Myrrhee Victoria. Hi, my names is Bruce Evans. I am the person who intended to set up a refuge for EHS people in Myrrhee Victoria. I am also the creator of Radiation Refuge.

When the idea of using my fathers property for a refuge was first proposed, there were some issues on this property that I was not aware of. I am not an expert when it comes to EMR and will be the first to admit that. I am highly reliant of others to clarify these issues for me. Unfortunately with everything that is going on at the moment I have not got the brain space to fit anything else in. Other EHS sufferers who have come here have made me aware of these issues and I need to ensure that anyone that comes here is made aware of these. So far we have been severely restricted by finances and are unable to address some of these issues..

So here is the situation at the moment. There are two properties, one with a cottage and land, the other with a house that is not suitable for EHS people but has lots of space for camping or setting up a full scale refuge in the future.

The cottage
The cottage is a former workers hut that has two small bedrooms a lounge area, a office area, a kitchen, bathroom, toilet and dining area. Some of these rooms like the lounge room or dining area can be converted into more sleeping areas is needed. It is on a goat farm. It is not a palace, but it is comfortable and cosy inside.. It has extremely hot water and plenty of it. It is a bit rough on the outside as we have not been able to put any serious money into renovating it due to an ongoing legal battle that leaves us uncertain of the future. It is situated next to a creek and there is a lot of space with trees and open area around the cottage.

There are no mobile phone towers in the valley and there is no NBN. I hope it stays this way. In some parts of the valley you can get phone reception, but it is very weak and you have to know the right spot.

There are some issues at the cottage that we are in the process of addressing, but due to financial restrictions, cannot address immediately. It is obvious to me that the cottage is never going to be perfect for the person that is extremely sensitive. But for someone that is not extremely sensitive, it is fine. We can turn the power off at night and when this is done there is no EMF at all.

Some of the issues here are:

Smart meter
There is a smart meter on the property. It is seventy meters from the cottage. It is a non-transmitting smart meter. There is another three phase smart meter here, but this is only operating when they are irrigating across the creek. This is in the process of being removed due to my lodging a complaint about the EMF that the power lines give off when they are irrigating. It is not in use during winter and is not connected directly to the electricity supply in the cottage.

Using a cornet meter or TES 593 10MHZ - 8GHZ when outside the shed where the meter is, I have not been able to pick up anything of the smart meter.

Transformer at front of property
There is a transformer at the front of the cottage. It is eighty meters from the cottage. If this would pose a problem, it may be better to look at the other property which is further up the road.

EMF in roof of cottage
There is EMF in the roof of the cottage. I was not aware of this until I got a Trifield meter. The ceiling is lower than in most houses due to it being a former workers cottage. For some people this may present an issue. The reading in the worst possible place on the ceiling using a Trifield meter on "electric mode" is 30.

I have however taken measurements in every single house that I have gone into since getting my Triefield meter and found that the level of EMF here is exactly the same as anywhere else. This is not to say that this situation is acceptable in any house, but it is considered normal. Here it may be more of an issue for some people as the ceiling is lower.

We are currently in the process of mitigating some of this EMF. We are going to earth the roof in the next day or so (when the rain stops), we have tested this and found that this will reduce the EMF by about 20%. We are also planning on getting the place rewired with shielded wiring. This will pretty much eliminate this issue altogether.

Transmitter on the mountain behind us.
There is a transmitter tower behind us on the mountain about 2 KLM's away. It is not a phone tower. It has Air Services point to point dishes on it which I am lead to believe are not too bad if you are a safe distance away from the line of the beam. This is transmitting at 7.2GHZ and may be the reason we are having people saying they are having problems here.

I have been constantly measuring this using all sorts of meters and cannot find any readings from it in anything up to 8GHZ. Using a directional meter I have not found any difference in pointing the meter at it and pointing the meter in any other direction and using my body as a shield to the tower.

Information about this tower can be found here:
This is aircraft navigation information:

In general
The cottage and the surrounding property readings:
Using Cornet meter on RF00 is about 0.0005 regardless of where you are. This includes inside the cottage itself.
Using a TES 593 10MHZ - 8GHZ with calibration factor of one, averages 2.00 - 3.2 in any direction from anywhere on the property except inside the shed where the smart meter is.
Using cornet on LF600 is a constant 0.05 in all areas except close to meters.
Using Cornet on LF30 is a constant 0.01 in all areas except close to meters.

So to summarise, I would have to say that things are not looking too good here for people that are very sensitive.