How to get a featured listing

How to get a Radiation Refuge featured listing

Want to get a featured lising on Radiation Refuge?
That's great! Maybe we can help each other out. We need people to go out of their way to do listing of articles, WIFI free schools, WIFI free cafes, car EMR testing, EMR testing of products etc.
So what we need it prizes and giveaways for people that make the effort to do this for us. So we need you to give us those for free! That's right give us free stuff!
So for example, you want your product that benefits EHS to be listed on the home page. Lets say its a EMR meter, well, give us one for free and we will make a competition where the first person that submits 50 articles that are accepted, gets your meter for free.
It is that simple, no cash outlay, no monthly fees. Just a freeby that we can give away.

You help us, we help you!

You do not have to have your own product, you can buy us something, send it to us and we will make that the prize. It can be anything that EHS people would want. Shielding devices, books related to EHS or EHS healing, legal books or courses that benefit EHS people, meters or measuring devices, freeby vouchers, EMR shielded clothing, website hosting space, you name it. It will either be accepted or it won't.

Send us an email from the contact page, tell us your suggestion, and we will let you know.