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Larry Hannigan

Larry Hannigan has a ton of information on his site that is vital for the person who is prepared to stand and fight against corporate and government tyranny.
I urge you to learn your REAL rights under our constitution and common law as well as commercial law.

This site has no end of information that you will need to defend yourself as well as take the fight to "The Man"

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Jody Watkins - MCS, EHS, home owner, living in forest to avoid phone towers.

Jody Watkins had almost finished building her dream home and then boom! They installed a phone tower right next door. She now lives in the forest, sleeps in her car, cooks in the open on piles of sticks and is living in misery in the cold, wet, harsh Tasmanian winter.
Do you think this is right?
Why should someone be forced from their own home like this by a foreign owned corporation?
Jody Watkins


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Ann Hardwick - MCS, EHS, Bedridden and unable to afford treatment.

Spare a thought for ANN. Ann has EHS and MCS. Having one of these conditions is bad enough, but having both of these conditions is a life of complete misery.
Read Ann's story and if there is any way that you can help, please do.
Ann Hardwick



Accommodation and services for Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive & Electrically Sensitive people.

Share housing, house mates wanted, accommodation wanted, caravans, rooms, boathouses, camp site, bungalow, cabin, shack, tent, house, shed, temporary rental, for sale, wanted to buy, all welcome.

Hi, my name is Bruce Evans and I am the creator of Radiation Refuge. If you have accommodation that is suitable for Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive (EHS) people, this is the place to advertise. Advertising is free and always will be.

Many EHS people are in serious need of respite from WIFI, phone towers and smart meters. For this reason there is no restriction on what sort of accommodation you can advertise. You can list anything from a tent in your back yard, to palatial mansion.

You may advertise here because you want to help people who are in need of a safe place to stay while traveling, or you may be a commercial operation that hopes to attract EHS people to their establishment. You may do this purely so that you can network with other EHS people while they are traveling.
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Motels advertise for free.

We would like to encourage commercial ventures to invest in electro magnetic radiation protection measures so that EHS people can travel the world just like other people without having to stress about where they are going to stay. It is our intention to set up a world wide network of EHS friendly locations so that we can become free from symptoms and enjoy life as much as other people while we are traveling or looking for somewhere to live. You can become part of this world wide network just by qualifying as an EHS friendly location and advertising here for free.

This is your chance to fill those empty motel rooms with only a minimal investment in modifications.

With over 7% of the population being affected in some way by electromagnetic radiation from a variety of sources, from a commercial point of view, this represents an untapped market. If you are the only motel in town that has made provision for EHS people and you are listed on here, the chances are that you are going to be booked out.

Please see our motels page to see what you can do to qualify.
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WIFI free schools advertise for free

If you run a school, no matter how big, that has a "No WIFI" policy or some other means of benefiting EHS people, you may list here for free. No WIFI is the minimum requirement for this category.
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EHS / ES aware services advertise for free

If you provide a service that is relevant to EHS people and you have modified your procedures or products in consideration of their needs, you may also list your EHS aware service here for free. This can be any service at all from a mechanic or painter, to an architect or computer repairs. As long as you are aware of the issues surrounding electromagnetic radiation exposure and are actively taking these into consideration when conducting your service, you will be accepted.
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WIFI free cafes advertise for free

If you own a café or school that has a "No WIFI" policy or some other means of benefiting EHS people, you may list here for free. No WIFI is the minimum requirement for this category.
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Vehicle manufacturers advertise for free

If you are a vehicle manufacturer and your vehicles take EMR or EMF into consideration in your design, and it can be shown that you vehicle offers some or a lot of protection for EHS / ES people, you may list here for free. Video proof of the vehicle in action while being measured with relevant meters is a preferred requirement.
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Electronic equipment manufacturers advertise for free

If you are an electronic equipment manufacturer and your product emits less EMR than the opposition, we want to know about it. You may advertise the product here for free if you can clearly demonstrate it's benefits to EHS people over other products.
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All false advertising will be deleted. All products or services that do not live up to their claims after investigation, will be deleted.