How you can help us spread the message and change the world

How you can help us make the world a  better place for EHS people

Write a review

You can write a review of anything that you think may be on interest to EHS people and load it onto the site. The more we share locations, products and services that are of benefit to us, the easier our lives become.

Test or review products

Do comparison tests between products to show which ones are best for EHS people. We may be affected by mobile phones and computers, but many of us still need them to function. This will make it easier to choose products for everyone.

 Review an airline or bus company

Call up or visit a bus company and ask them if they have WIFI on their flights or routes. If they do not, reward them by placing a review on the site or by asking them to place a free advertisement. This will help to make more services EHS friendly.

Test drive a car

Go to a car yard and take a car for a drive while using different types of meters to see which cars are safest for us. Many EHS people have great difficulty in finding a car that does not emit EMR. Help everyone by making a video or write up of the car in action.

Review a school

Find a school that is WIFI free and tell them that they qualify for free listing on this site. Or do a review of the school and its no WIFI policy.

Review a café or restaurant

Find a WIFI free café and tell them that they can list for free on this site. Or do a review with pictures and a video of the readings in the café.


Review a motel

Call in to a motel or and ask to see the rooms and take measurements to see if they are EHS friendly. If they are, load them on the site so that other EHS people who are travelling can find accommodation easier.


Make a video of something of interest

Got a special place that EHS people can visit without being bombarded with radiation? Make a video of it and load it on the site. You can also use this to organise meetups or EHS related events including activism. 

Please remeber that you are not a representative of Radiation Refuge and cannot identify yourself as such.
Please be courteous to the people that you are talking to about reviews. Most people do not understand our condition and we need to be very patient with them and not overbearing or demanding. We will not help our cause by storming into a motel and demanding that they install a faraday cage or some other device.

It is better to show businesses how they can attract more customers by making their business more EHS friendly rather than start demanding that they do.