About Radiation Refuge

My name is Bruce Evans. I am the creator of Radiation Refuge. Thank for coming to  my site and I hope you find  what you are looking for.

I am EHS just like many others. And like most other EHS people, my condition has ruined my life and made me a social pariah unable to engage with the rest of the population. It has destroyed every single aspect of my life and left me financially ruined.

I am just an average guy, nothing special. EHS sufferers come from all walks of life and all professions. My previous occupations are garbo (garbage collector, fantastic job, loved it),  concreter, brickies labourer, forklift driver (got paid to drive dodgem cars, awesome!), abseiling and rock climbing instructor, sales and marketing. I am also a former green beret in the Australian special forces. 

For the last 15 years I have been building content management systems for websites. I taught myself to build these systems and have truly found my passion in doing this. I build websites and do some graphic work. But mostly I build custom systems for people that have products or services that do not fit the usual mould of a generic website system. I can build anything. My website business has been devastated by this condition. I can no longer attend meetings or canvas for work. Not good for business.

I unlike so many other EHS people was lucky enough to have a father that owned a small cottage and some land that was in an area with no mobile phone reception or NBN, yet. I was forced to move there and although I am unhappy about the loss of my past life, I am grateful that I have found somewhere I can be free of symptoms. I realise that many others are not as lucky and are being tortured all day every day by this disgusting example of tyranny and treason by our governments and legal system. I feel I have an obligation to these people who are still stuck in hell, to help them any way I can. It would not rest easy with me to just walk away from this situation and just say "Oh well, I'm ok, who cares about the others". This is not Australian.

We all must stand up to tyranny where ever it exists. We must speak the truth when it needs to be spoken and never shy away from controversy. We must all fight for those that can't. Just because we become free, does not mean we abandon the others.

This is a despicable act of tyranny that is being imposed on the many by the few that make great profits out of our demise. This is not acceptable and it is time to stand up and be counted.

I am not one to mince words on this or any other issue. I consider the politicians, the judicial system and anyone else that is complicit in this tyranny to be a traitor. We have a judicial system that is allowing foreign corporations to come into OUR country and subject OUR people to relentless torture using a known carcinogen, EMR.

This judicial system will allow foreign owned corporations to act at the highest levels of illegality by committing what can only be described as a deliberate act of genocide against the Australian people. Yet when one of their own country men parks his car in the wrong spot, they have the audacity to fine him for it. And if he does not pay the fine, they confiscate his car. There is one law for the bog boys and one law for the common folk, the ones that pay the taxes and keep the country going.
Where is the justice for the average person when this sort of disparity exists?

I originally wanted to set up a refuge in North East Victoria for people like myself. Practical issues got in the way of this dream, mostly financial. So I decided that rather than just helping a handful of people find accommodation that is safe for them, I would help thousands of people instead.

In looking over many blogs and EHS group posts it became clear that what was needed was a website that allowed people to list accommodation that was EHS friendly and that had a rating system that ranked the listings based on the criteria entered. So being a programmer and having years of experience in building CMS's for websites, I went to work.

Recently I was invited to be a part of an SBS documentary. My story is nowhere as tragic as some people that I have heard from. But I was asked to do the doc anyway.
I will be the first to confess that I am not a technical genius with EMR or how to use the meters, or pretty much any other aspect of electricity or microwave radiation. So all I really had to offer in the documentary was my own experience. I do not speak for all EHS people, I just talked about my own experience. I will leave the technical stuff to the experts.