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Wendy McClelland - when I first got sick from EMR & RFR in 1998

Wendy McClelland - when I first got sick from EMR & RFR in 1998

History of Wendy McClelland - when I first got sick from EMR & RFR in 1998
 - and how this radiation has affected my health and consequently my life.

Prior to mid March 1998 I was fit and healthy, leading an enjoyable social life and was always employed full time.  Then I was exposed to a huge amount of electromagnetic radiation at my new place of employment and from a nearby telecommunications tower in a suburb of Newcastle from March to June 1998.   After two weeks working at this place I gradually became so sick that I needed to take a day off midweek.  After two days off during weekends I would also start to feel better, but got sick again when I went back to work.  Gradually I got sicker quicker (in a shorter time span) at work, so needed more time off more often.  Towards the end I only needed to be in my office a few minutes and I could feel the adverse effects.  I got so sick that I only lasted at that employment for 3½ months.  In this time I went from being perfectly healthy to very sick.  I applied for workers compensation as it was my work place which had clearly caused my ill health.  Then I was sacked.

By simply looking at me people could see that my facial skin was red, blotchy, with swelling around my eyes and lids, muscles in my face were twitching and I was extremely tired from not being able to sleep.  I was tense, agitated and irritable.  Each night after work I would put ice packs on my face and eyes to try to stop the pain and swelling –that helped a little. My heart was racing and I had erratic heart beats which could be felt by other people. My body was aching.

Work Cover:
The Government department called Work Cover closed ranks against me.  They sent me to see many specialists including the top allergy specialist in NSW at that time named Dr Jeremy Coleman who conducted every allergy test he could possibly think of over a period of four months.  Dr Coleman found that I was not allergic to anything at all and wrote this in his report.  I still have a copy of this report.  Doctors had suggested I could be allergic to my husband, my makeup, shampoo, soaps, house and contents or was just stressed from overwork. 
Work Cover then sent me for tests on my lungs which were fine; on two separate trips to Sydney to see psychiatrists (obviously trying hard to classify my health problems as psychosomatic or even that I be certified as insane), and to a government employed radiation expert who wrote a totally false report to try to discredit me in an endeavor to make me look stupid. 
Even though the Government was well aware of this human carcinogen, they still tried to hide this problem caused by radiation exposure and say it didn’t exist – that my sickness must be caused by something else - that is the way Work Cover dealt with me – they didn’t want the cause of my sickness to become public knowledge and therefore possibly set a precedent for future cases.
Now some 17 years later in 2015 these government employed so called ‘specialists’ still tell the public through the media that this carcinogenic radiation (proven fact by the industry and military back in the 1950’s to early 1970’s) is still safe.  This of course couldn’t be further from the truth.

Finding the cause of my illness:
To find the cause of my illness I spoke to many people employed in the telecommunications industry, electrical engineers, naturopaths and so on to try to determine what had happened to me. This certainly helped me.  Later in 1998, I also borrowed fourteen books from the Newcastle University library on the subject of radiation exposure and it’s effects on humans.  These books clearly showed and clarified to me that my suspicions of what caused my health problems were correct.  A couple of months later I went back to this library to re-borrow a few of these books for further research, but was amazed to find that none of the fourteen books I had originally borrowed were on the shelf or even mentioned in the library’s listings and catalogues as ever having been there. All the books had totally vanished from the entire system in the Newcastle University’s library!  The librarians appeared to have no knowledge of this occurrence and couldn’t explain it. I still have details of all these 14 books for reference. 
Since then I have extensively researched electromagnetic radiation and high frequency microwave radiation and followed it’s path of devastating effects on the unsuspecting public, their pets, birds, honey bees and the environment. Through the massive amounts of credible peer reviewed research from hundreds of the world’s renowned scientists (all being independent of industry and government), the evidence is very clear to me that we humans are all heading into the worst disaster in living history.

Government Disability Pension:
From my high radiation exposure in 1998, I became permanently sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and have microwave sickness from the high frequency microwave radiation which is pulsed out at the public from telecommunications towers and now smart meters.
I have never been able to work since 1998 and exist on a Government disability pension.  I was issued a medical report by Dr. T.A. Bisas MBBS DOH.  (a government employed doctor) from Health Services Australia Ltd. after his interview and examination in the Ballarat Centrelink offices.  The report stated that I needed to ‘avoid all telecommunications towers and office electromagnetic radiation – barriers are considerable’.  This government medical report enabled me to be put on a government disability pension for the sole reason that the radiation pulsed out from telecommunications towers and EMR makes me sick.

My life now:
My husband and I moved to Dereel in 1999 because this area was isolated from homes and that there were no telecommunications towers, so therefore no RFR or high frequency microwave radiation in the air.  I was able to move around this area without restriction.
However, as the radiation levels and telecommunications towers have increased over the years since 1999, my life has become far more restricted.  The radiation has dramatically changed my life. I no longer have the choice of free movement in and around most areas so I spend my time at home. My home is the place where I can live without suffering adverse health effects to the point where I can no longer function, become very sick and then bed ridden.

I spend the least amount of time away from home – only to do food shopping (as quickly as I can in off peak times) and sometimes a few other bare essentials. I have to be constantly aware of radiation levels to avoid becoming sick.  Most people are now ‘toxic’ due to carrying smart phones, so I must avoid being near people. I have never wandered or browsed the streets of Ballarat, go to restaurants, coffee shops, cinemas, use public transport.  I can no longer visit friends and family who now have a smart meter on their house as this high frequency microwave radiation device has dramatically increased the radiation level.  My freedom to move around, socialize, work and enjoy life has all been taken away from me.  This HF microwave radiation has destroyed my life.

Shielding from the radiation:
When I leave my home to go into Ballarat or other areas of high radiation, I am forced to wear the very expensive YShield protective cloth which stops the microwave radiation from penetrating my body and making me sick.  I have tried not to cover up but become very sick.  Wearing this extra cloth is also extremely hot in summer and embarrassing, but I have no other option.  I have often been harassed by people due to wearing this protection over my face.  I also carry with me a meter to read RFR levels so I can ensure I am not exposed to high levels.

Adverse health effects :
Some adverse health effects that I suffered and / or still experience from exposure to EMR and HF microwave radiation are:
• chronic fatigue due to my body using all it’s energy into trying to repair the radiation damage after I am exposed;
• hot, flushed and burning skin on my face and body,
• severe headaches that no pain killers can alleviate;
• chronic nose bleeds;
• face swelling causing gums to become infected (enhanced by amalgam fillings reacting to the radiation which has penetrated my face) teeth become lose so I can’t eat (I have already lost one tooth from radiation exposure);
• severe breast pain that lasted 4 weeks;
• fuzzy brain that can’t think;
• phosphenes in my eyes;
• very low thyroid as the radiation reduces that level – I am now on permanent medication;
• heart pain and palpitations;
• increased blood pressure (but that decreases again after a few days when out of radiation).
My husband also experiences some of the above symptoms, along with a few other health problems caused after exposure to electromagnetic radiation and high frequency microwave radiation.

The question often asked:  Why do some people feel the radiation more than others?
From my extensive research I have found that there are various reasons but the most common is resistance to electricity.  I have very little resistance to electricity ie – I act as a conductor.  I often got zapped by touching doors in high rise buildings, plastic outdoor furniture on concrete flooring, from cars, and synthetic carpets, etc.  However, none of that ever made me sick – electricity on it’s own is not the problem.  To test your resistance to electricity, use an electrician’s multi meter.  Put your fingers on the probes then check for resistance shown on the meter.  People have varying degrees of resistance to electricity.  It is not dependent on age, gender or family history – it is a personal individual occurrence.  I have found that people who have little or no resistance feel the EMR and HF radiation’s adverse effects more than others. 

However, due to being sensitive to this carcinogenic radiation does give sensitive people a possible advantage over others in that these sensitive people have the knowledge and understanding that they must protect themselves against radiation exposure or they die – simple as that.  Whereas others who don’t feel the adverse effects and who don’t have the ability and knowledge to determine why they are sick usually become victims of this carcinogenic radiation culminating in them getting various illnesses – the most common being various cancers, leukemia, autism, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, brain tumors, aneurisms and heart attacks – all of which have increased dramatically in parallel with the increase in microwave radiation over recent years as the people who have knowledge on this subject expected.

Hiding the facts:
Regardless of the government and industry’s ongoing stand on carcinogenic radiation using statements for well over a decade now just to prolong the inevitable such as ‘more research is needed’ and ‘use the precautionary approach’ about the detrimental harm to humans, flora and fauna, and atmospheric environment, this is now self evident to an increasing number of people who have the intelligence to understand this complex subject. 
Thanks to government employed puppets, even now in 2015 there are still many ignorant people who have literally no understanding on this subject or of the reasons they are so sick and dying.  That is quite sad, but that is the reality and this situation will continue to get far worse.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal:
In my VCAT Tribunal Hearing (Ref. No. P1268/2012) held at Ballarat on 24th April, 2013, the presiding member John Bennett stated that Deputy President Gibson had ruled some issues out of order – that he was not to discuss or consider ‘radiation issues’ or ‘The Code of Practice’ or ‘The Australian Standards’.  John Bennett said only visual impact is the fundamental issue for discussion, and given that the radiation complies with the standard that’s not a reason I would refuse the tower – the key will be visual, or ‘they’d take me off to the Supreme Court’.
This statement is far too familiar – it is typical of people in power who have been given the responsibility to act on behalf of ‘us the people’ in an honest and trustworthy manner and to possess the strength of character to make decisions on the facts and not hide behind closed doors of corporations and useless codes.  Everyone in authority is controlled by an Australian Standard which was engineered to protect the telecommunications industry and given to ARPANSA to sit with well over a decade ago.   The Australian Standard offers NO PROTECTION to the people or the environment, it only protects the telecommunications industry.

Wendy McClelland
PO Box 369, Sebastopol, Vic  3356
Phone:   03 5346 1114
Dated:  11th July 2015.

wearing the radiation protection gear that I have made