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We are against all Microwave towers and Extensions, & new Phone Towers Upgrades

We are against all Microwave towers and Extensions, & new Phone Towers Upgrades
Phone Tower Madness‎
We have been living near Victor Harbor for the past 27 years, last year I started noticing strange pains in my body
specially while driving to Victor Harbor, Goolwa & Middleton   I started getting chest,joint & thyroid pains
numbness in the face, headaches, sharp pains through the eye & the side of my head. After being back home for several hours
all symptoms left !
I started researching & found that I am sensitive to the microwave frequencies from the phone towers. I needed proof so I ordered test equipment from the US
the readings proved my suspicions that the microwaves where making me ill
The phone towers are popping up like mushrooms everywhere ! They are placed next to churches,aged care homes, child care facilities
& industrial areas where people work all day and have no protection from those very dangerous microwaves .
Are we Guineapigs ??
10 out of 14 peer-reviewed scientific studies on people exposed to Mobile Phone Tower radiation show adverse health effects.
see: (   Have you noticed the Bees are disappearing?
we know from phone tower infested areas in the US & Europe that thousand of people got cancer our Doctors are not even equipped or trained to help victims of EMF`s
we are being fried without consent –Now Optus, Telstra & Vodafone wants to shower us with even more EMF`s !
Victor Harbor and surrounds has become a huge MICROWAVE OVEN ! A  “Ticking TIME BOMB “ !  Who will take responsibility ?
We personally make the Telecommunication Companies  responsible  for the detrimental health effects on our bodies!
Mark & Connie Adelaide South Australia
Are The New G4 Phone Towers killing Us Slowly EMF, EMR
Radiation  (Cell Phone Towers Health Risks)
Cell Tower Cancer Clusters
Wireless : The BioInitiative Report Biological Standards
Cell Phone Tower Australia Dangerous Microwave Cell towers