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Author: Sue McEwen
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Sue McEwen's EHS story

WTF am I going to do now?

I moved out of the city to rural Victoria a few years before smart meters came into being (here in Vic, Australia). At some point while I was out, a smart meter had been installed on the wall. I thought ok, fine. When I walked down the hall it was like being on the deck of a ship on calm water. I thought major WTF!!! All's well and good were I actually on the deck of a ship on calm water but I was trying to maintain intrinsic balance as I navigated my way down a dead straight hallway. Not happy!!!

Fair enough to feel like I have a hangover if I drink myself stupid on a late night out on the town, which in rural Victoria isn't all that late. At least then I would have had the outright and undeniable pleasure of first consuming not so copious amounts of alcohol (it doesn't take that much). I do feel somewhat cheated in that regard as I am being punished with a hangover (except no headache) without drinking.

While talking with my brother on the phone, he suggested a Faraday cage. So Google to the rescue!!! I found which is a home-made Faraday cage. Under normal circumstances it should have taken me about half hour to make it. Its not rocket science, but with the damn smart meter drowning me in EMR it took about two and half hours to complete the cage. Its hard to think clearly and creatively with a hangover -  kinda like feeling my head was full of cotton wool was the least of it 

I put the cage on the smart meter and... nothing. No change to how I was feeling. I was still listing to the side in my head (which makes for weird sensation when walking straight ahead). OK, I grab the tie wire and a tent peg and connect (earth) my home-made Faraday cage to ground. PRESTO!! It worked. I think maybe the EMR field was still there (ofc is was) but the cage had managed to dampen the field a LOT.

I moved house again (I end up doing that way too often) and this time there was no smart meter on the wall. WOOHOO!!!! But down the track a bit (in time) and smart meters are being installed in the area I've moved to, so I made signs for the front gate and front door and smart meter. The ones saying do not install smart meters here! from Stop Smart Meters Australia:

And I was lucky in that the analogue power meter was inside an enclosed front porch, so I could actually lock the smart meter installers (and the power meter readers) out. And once again some time down the track I have to move house again. The day after I moved a smart meter was installed on that house. The house I had next moved to had a smart meter on it so one of the first things I did was make a home-made Faraday cage for it and as before it blocked out most (have no idea how much it actually blocked) of the EMR,

Couple of years later and the house I was renting was sold so its time to move yet again (I can't tell you just how much I HATE moving house) . I found what I thought was a great place for the price and in town (and it is except for... no I like not spending money on fuel). This meant being able to save money on fuel with shops being closer. BUT there were two smart meters on the wall near the entrance. I was thinking same as last time, put Faraday cages on them and all would be as it had been.... um, no, that's not how it turned out. Not this time. These smart meters also had antenna and now the remote switching facility was in use... And the Faraday cages didn't feel like they were working.

There are two meters on the front wall of the house because the house has been subdivided, with another tenant being at the rear of the property. We only share a solid wall in common. After making it through summer with the aircon on I was thinking I have to do something about this BS (smart meters). I could get the power turned off but only for the smart meter on my power supply, not the tenant in the other back half of the house. Buggar! Damn! I would have saved to get a gen(erator) and have it wired to power the house but no point with still having a (working) smart meter on the wall.

Since moving into this house my sleep has sucked badly and with the insomnia its a whole new and worse lifestyle, moreso than in the past. Periodically but somewhat randomly my discomfort would increase, like a tighter pressure band wrapped around my skull, and occasionally my eyesight would go awry. I thought WTF!!!!!! NOT liking this AT ALL. I've since found out that this might be due to the weather conditions. Just as when its cloudy its easier to be sunburned because the cloud layer bounces the UV back to earth, so too does cloud also bounce back other types of radiation (ie. no frosts on cloudy nights because the heat from the day is kept in).

I was not happy I don't have caravan and can't get one so that idea wouldn't work. I tried sleeping in my car for a few days but that was really uncomfortable. Its a sedan, not a wagon and I am not a short person.

So, time to go camping in the front yard (there is a high wooden fence so at least I have some privacy). And WOW, I had a really good nights sleep, and have been sleeping in my small tent since March 2016. I only go into the house to use bathroom, laundry and kitchen. I did pull my TV onto the front porch to watch it for while but with winter being so damn cold I don't bother anymore.

I went to see my GP about this (no, not watching TV on the porch) and he said I need to stay away from ALL ELECTRICAL equipment. And meditate. As in that's all I would be doing... for the rest of my life. Ah, a new kind of hell. One where not only are there none of the usual comforts that go with paying rent on a house like shelter from the weather but now its no electrical appliances (kitchen/laundry), no TV, no phone, no movies, no computer and no Internet! .

Over my lifetime I have recovered from more than one serious injury, which has made significant and marked impact on my life so far, and now THIS?!

OK, now what?! And no, I was not about to give up EVERYTHING. I no longer have a dog, no hobbies, I have to sell my pony. Am not going to give up the rest of everything.

I put an extension cord and cat5 cable out the window so I could use my laptop & Internet in the tent, and I also have a small radiant bar heater (lowest setting) so its not bad in the tent providing there are no torrential rains or violent wind storms. Except for the risk of being flooded out of the tent or blown away or having branches or trees fall on the tent its OK. Not good but its OK. I do feel pressure from EMR during the day but its at a level I can put up with most of the time (not always). I am forever grateful it does not give me headaches. I turn off all power to the tent when I sleep at night. The extension cord is disconnected. And that's how I get by. Once I am in bed I don't feel the cold, not with several wool doonas. One thing I do need to take care of is having a cold nose. I think I have a full facial polar fleece balaclava somewhere but have yet to find it and even then it won't actually cover the end of my nose. 

I dread being stuck here, living like this in summer.

When I can afford it I am thinking of moving to northern Queensland. I don't want to but there isn't really anywhere else with an OK climate to go to. I need a place I can afford which means going where very few people live, with not much in the way of anything but wildlife, and cyclones. Just to avoid smart meters - and the increase there will be in antennae installations as a result of the 5G rollout that will eventually come our way.

On a happier note, because of this path I tread in life  I came to meet the father of Radiation Refuge, Bruce Evans, where I found myself offered a position as admin. This website is a place where we can be heard, will be heard, and I will do my best as admin for Radiation Refuge to help make it happen!