Hi, my name is Bruce Evans and I am the creator of Radiation Refuge. I am possibly about to be forced to live on the run, hiding from phone towers and NBN as the government implements their insane policy of eliminating black spots through out Australia leaving me with nowhere that I can live due to my condition.

I moved to Myrrhee in Victoria to get away from all the phone towers, WIFI and smart meters in Melbourne and am currently living in a cottage in a valley. Moving here has destroyed my business and left me penniless, but at least I can function here. 

Despite my alerting Cathy McGowan to my presence and my condition, she has moved ahead with her policy of blanketing the area with radiation. They are putting a phone tower on the hill behind me and it will beam down into my cottage. I can see the current tower from my window where I sit right now. It is 1.7 KLM away and currently is used for aircraft navigation. 

We are not going to give up on our fight to save my fathers property, but I may need to leave here and stay mobile so that I can evade this rollout of technology. I plan to use this time to educate others and help other activists that are in a worse position than myself to get their message out. I also want to go to schools and alert them to the dangers of WIFI. I will more than likely have a floating population of people who are helping me do this.

I currently have and Econovan which is not up to this task. It will probably die soon. I need something like a Toyota coaster, or a powerful vehicle and a caravan. Or some other arrangement. As there will be more than just me doing this, we can use more than one vehicle. We a person who will help with making the vehicle or caravan into a mobile faraday cage by shielding it. This way we can move through areas that are high radiation.

We need at least one good reliable vehicle that we can use as a staging post for activism, sleeping quarters, and office space. Even a car and a caravan would do the job. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
if you can help, please let us know by going to the contact page and emailing me Contact

Or if you do not have a vehicle to donate, but would like to help, please send us a gift on this page: Gift

Other items that we will need are:

  • Complete mobile power generation system, or
    Solar panels
    12 volt DC computer monitors
    Fuel vouchers
    A new 12v DC computer with SSD drive (less EMR)
    Printing vouchers
  • EMR shielding materials for the vehicles

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Bruce Evans