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Vital Info
Must the location have no WIFI?
Must this accommodation have no smart meters installed?
Does the accommodation need to have a faraday cage?
Does the accommodation need to have an EMR canopy over the bed to be used?
Do you need a room that has EMR shielding materials installed?
Is it OK if there is a phone tower within 1KLM of this accommodation?
Is it OK if the accommodation is offering refuge to other EHS people?
Is it OK if the accommodation has WIFI in the adjoining building?
Must this accommodation have a no mobile phones policy?
Must this accommodation have a no cordless or DECT phones policy?

Urgently seeking help and accomodation

Suburbanywhere in europe
Contact PersonRachel jane
Contact Phone

I have severe electromagnetic sensitivity with heart problems and have been camping in the uk for 4 months. Now the weather is turning and i have to leave this bit of land i desperately need somewhere to go. I am in the uk yet would be happy to travel by car and ferry to meditarian area as off grid living would be easier there. Maybe there are others wishing to join me. If someone has a campervan i could borrow that would at least give me somewhere dry, warmer and safe to get by in for now to survive. Bless you for your help.

I am in desperate need of funding to purchase a campervan and would really appreciate your help. If you can help, please donate to my crowd funding account.
Thank you very much.

Rachel is currently in a life-threatening crisis with her health and urgently needs to find somewhere alternative to live.
After nearly 30 years of multiple autoimmune diseases (lupus, anaphylaxis, colitis, raynaurds, endemetriosis and others) she has now, due to her weakened immunity, developed severe electromagnetic hypersenstivity (EHS), resulting in her not being able to live in her home rented from the local housing association, due to the levels of microwave radiation from surrounding mobile phone masts and neighbours' wi-fi.

This is causing her many distressing symptoms, the most critical being abnormal heart rhythms, that could result in a heart attack.

She has for the past 3 months been living in a tent or a yurt as the only way to stabalise her heart. This has been challenging with the other health issues she has to manage. However as we move into autumn and winter camping is no longer going to be a possibility for her.

She is fundraising initially to buy a campervan, so that she can have somewhere dry,  warm and safe to sleep in.
Later on she hopes to raise enough to buy some land - to have somewhere secure she can go to.
 An extended period of low or no exposure will reduce her sensitivity, much like an allergy can lessen when the allergen is avoided for a time. We are trying to find a longer term home for her in a place that's less exposed yet so far have not found an option after over a year of searching. 

Rachel has just recently received a medical diagnosis of Severe EHS or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity - so doctors are now recognising this.  This condition is characterized by a heightened response to RF radiation and electromagnetic fields, hence signals broadcast by mobile phones, mobile phone masts, wi-fi routers, cordless phones, and other everyday electronics can cause debilitating symptoms for Rachel, including severe headpains, disorientation, bladder and bowel problems, and heart arrythmias.

As you will be aware mobile phone mast signals and wi- fi are now everywhere - making it extremely challenging for Rachel to go into shops, travel, get online much and making social activities unavailable - like being able to go into a cafe  or join people for group events or even visit friends in their homes.

We are also raising funds to have Rachel's 9 mercury fillings removed. The leading doctors in the field of EHS have strongly advised this, as current research is showing people with EHS have a weakened blood-brain barrier and mercury fillings are making her sensitivity worse.

Rachel doesn't have funds or any property or possessions she can sell, hence appealing for help here.

Having overcome many other acute health challenges in the past she is optimistic she can with your help heal from this. She really wants to be of support to others and share the gifts she has.

We are so very grateful for any help that you can give.

Our love and thanks for your support


Approx guide of costing

Removal of mercury fillings  £3, 000 to £5,500 (the upper figures are by denstists specialising in safe removal of mercury and therefore less risky to Rachel's heart).

Approx cost of a campervan - likely around £10,000 + for second-hand for one that's in good condition to travel distances and live in for an extended time.