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Ultra Low Frequency Spectrum Analysis


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Equipment Set-Up for Analyzing Frequencies from 0-60 Hz

Analyzing frequency information from ultra-low frequency magnetic fields can be extremely challenging. Air coil type magnetic field probes just don't have the necessary sensitivity below about 20 Hz.

The voltage output from our Geomagnetometer (read more) provides excellent frequency information from low frequency signals. The amplified, unrectified, Hall effect probe output retains all the frequency information from the magnetic field under investigation.

Simply connect the voltage output (3.5mm mono jack) from the Geomagnetometer to the oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer and monitor both field strength AND waveform, frequency, and spectrum distribution of your signals. Because the Geomagnetometer output produces 200 mV at full scale, you get plenty of signal to the oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer.

For example, on the 0-2 mG range: 2 mG produces 200 mV output, .05 mG produces 5 mV. On the 0-200 mG range: 200 mG produces 200 mV output, 5 mG produces 5 mV.

In our tests, the actual output range from the Geomagnetomer extends significantly beyond 200 mV, and was useful up to 60 Hz and beyond. Interested in .01 Hz? 2 Hz? 7.8 Hz? No problem! You can analyze fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field, fields from audio recordings, and almost any other ultra-low frequency magnetic field source. Possibly biologic and paranormal sources?

Connect your computer to this meter's output to make a spectrum analyzer (with optional PC Based Oscilloscope)! You can even add the Audio Amplifier to boost weak signals.