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Radiation Refuge highly recommmends this meter.
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Trifield Extended Range, Broadband Meter


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This modified version of the frequency weighted Trifield Meter.

The magnetic field sensor has enhanced sensitivity to frequencies below 50Hz

(for example, sensitivity at 5 Hz is 33 times greater than the regular Trifield meter)

- The RF sensor is frequency-flat over the extended range of 100 kHz - 2.5 GHz.

This fills the gap of 100 kHz - 50 MHz missed by the regular Trifield meter

(However sensitivity is shifted to a range of 0.026 - 260 mW/cm)

With these extended ranges, you can detect slow moving static electric and magnetic fields, concealed analog RF transmitters, very weak AC electric fields from wall switches and concealed wiring, and lots of other low frequency EMF sources you might have missed, as well as fine tuning your shielding efforts!