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Tims story Graphic Designer 22 years old

Tim's story, Graphic Designer 22 years old

Tim's story,  Graphic Designer 22 years old

Tim had just started a new job as a graphic designer , in a small inner city terrace studio in Melbourne. Over a period of three weeks he became quite unwell ,suffering headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, heart palpitations, severe kidney pain and an inability to concentrate.

He found that after leaving work and having a few days off  he would gradually recover, only to have the symptoms reoccur each time he went back to the studio.

He then discovered that there was a smart meter on the studio wall opposite his head, hidden in a wooden meter box. To eliminate other causes, he underwent medical tests, ECG, blood tests and a kidney scan, which proved to be all clear.

Still his symptoms continued and became worse the longer he stayed at work. Fearing permanent health damage he resigned.

He feels fine when away from these pulsing emissions, but has now become sensitised to wireless radiation and becomes quite dizzy when exposed.