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Sarah Benson

Sarah Benson EHS story

I became EHS in about 1997.  Life became increasingly traumatic as I moved from one place to another trying to avoid exposure........its the same story you've heard from many others.

As far as I knew, I was the only one on the planet with this problem, from initial exposures to mobile phones - I started trying to do something, writing to various agencies and so on as I sensed that it was the start of something dangerous.  For about 3 months I slaved alone, until by some miraculous stroke of luck (well, it was destiny really) I met Don Maisch who was visiting a cousin of his at the same school as my son attended.  He gave me a copy of his book Fields of Conflict, reading it that night virtually made my hair stand on end - I was not alone!!!!!!!! and my life was about to change forever.
On his next return to Melbourne Don introduced me to all the main scientists working in this area, and suggested I approach the Australian Democrats in order to use their resources for the work I had started, as he was doing in Tasmania.   Senator Lyn Allison was keen to do something in the Senate, so after numerous speeches, rallies, public meetings and so on, we eventually called for a Senate Inquiry into the safety of the technology.  The process took about 18 months, and the final report of 300 pages was tabled in May 2001. 

Scientists attended the committee hearings at Parliament House from all over the world as well as Australia.  Neil Cherry spoke from NZ by phone hook up as he was already unwell.........I remember a hush descended on the room when he began to speak.  Also Peter French, Bruce Hocking, John Holt, Ted Litovitz and many others.
Much later, in 2006 I wrote a 50 page report, Joining the Dots, in which I attempted to show the correlation between the research done to that date, or most of it, and the alarming spike in illness that had occurred since the late 90s.

Well, that's a brief sketch.