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Adhesive, Transparent Microwave Shielding

Tired of clunky cellphone shields that just don’t fit? Skin-Blok is a super thin shielding film that won’t alter the look of your phone. Incorporates a high performance shielding mesh material providing 40+ dB of attenuation with the simplicity of a peel and stick film. Can be used on any type of phone: flip style, swivel, bar style, PDA’s or just about any wireless device. Just trim to size for a custom fit, peel off the backing and stick it in place. Not for phones with touch screens. You can see the phone, press the keys, hang up, fold up, recharge and operate your phone normally. Does not prevent the optional use of hands-free. Helps protect the phone from scratches and wear and tear, too. You get 2 pieces: 2-5/8 x 4 inches each. Place on the side of the phone which faces your head. Remember, the phone emits radiation not just from the antenna! (Do not cover a touch screen).