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Refuge South Africa

CountrySouth Africa
State/ProvinceWestern Cape
StreetRicky's Drift, Olyvenrivier
Contact PersonRichy Ball
Contact Phone+27 28 581 2410
More InformationMore Information
I bought this farm with the view of creating a safe place where people with M.C.S. could connect and share the challenges of living with this condition. I named it Ricky's drift as it was the beginning of my drift away from society as normal people know
Ricky's Story I was born and raised in South Africa and got married in 1980 to Charmaine Distin from Cradock in the Karoo . We left South Africa together in 1981 to start a new life for ourselves in Australia. Seven years ago I developed multiple chemical sensitivity. It was the beginning of a brutal journey that has devastated our lives. I was house bound and needed to be in a rural environment out of harms way. Charmaine and I separated after 33 years of marriage and in 2012 I returned to South Africa. I bought this farm with the view of creating a safe place where people with M.C.S. could connect and share the challenges of living with this condition. I named it Ricky's drift as it was the beginning of my drift away from society as normal people know it. I am not going to elaborate much on my immense quest for healing and my ongoing battle with Lymes disease, MCS and electromagnetic sensitivity. Alongside me is Louise Du Toit who has helped with building and renovating and with developing our organic food gardens. Ricky's Drift is now three years in the making. I am very fortunate to have Matthew Evans my business partner who runs the business in Australia and is mindful of my disability. Without him none of these things would have been possible. So, we are ready to welcome people with M.C.S , E.M.S and Lymes. ***** WIFI in the cottages is optional. Each of the cottages is completely free-standing and Top House (nearest neighbours are 80m away) Boshuis - nearest neighbours over 200m away. and Faraway cottage - nearest neighbours are over 300m away. Each building has an internet decoder dish that links to a small repeater 500m from nearest building. We have had the repeater tested by Robert Stellar, a world expert on EMF's, who assured us that there is no significant radiation from it. So you can choose to switch the decoder dish on, and have ethernet connectivity and/or you can switch the router on and have WIFI or you can unplug the lot. Barring one visitor, the EMS people who have stayed in our cottages have been comfortable and have not found anything that bothers them. One person insisted that the mountains were emitting radiation which effected them and that the tower bothered them. We have limited or no cellphone reception on the farm and optional internet, as explained above. We have no overhead power lines anywhere near the houses and all electrical cable are buried underground. Rob Stellar declared us the lowest EMR place he has ever visited. So, we offer no guarantees that it will work for everyone, but we have no doubt that our farm is a good deal safer than almost any place one may care to go to.