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Radiation Belongs in Weapons – Not in Consumer Products and Smart Meters

Radiation Belongs in Weapons Not in Consumer Products and Smart Meters

Stop the Lies!
Stop the Corruption!
Stop the Fifty Years of Cover-up!
Radiation Belongs in Weapons – Not in Consumer Products and Smart Meters!

Executive Summary

People, like all living things, are electrical beings. Medical doctors use an “EEG” or electroencephalography to assess the electrical activity (voltage fluctuations) of the human brain. They also use an “ECG” or electrocardiography to measure the electrical activity of your heart. However, today’s wireless consumer products and Smart Meters all emit ‘low-level, pulsed’ non-thermal radio / microwave frequency (RF) radiation which is foreign, disruptive and harmful to all living things, not just to humans! It is especially harmful to the exquisitely sensitive and extremely delicate human brain which does not recognize and cannot defend itself against today’s alien and ubiquitous man-made pulsed, non-thermal radiation!  
Never in the history of mankind has one technology - wireless radio - so completely captivated, enthralled and helplessly addicted people of all ages, academic and socio-economic backgrounds around the globe in so few years! No one can deny that wireless radio has radically altered our lives forever, making us more efficient at work and at home, and making life considerably easier and more enjoyable for most of us. Yet militaries have known since the 1950s that the frequencies, i.e., the invisible electro-magnetic energy or “radiation” which all wireless devices emit belong in weapons of war – not in consumer products and Smart Meters!
For close to 30 years now all of us, especially provincial and municipal governments, have been told that wireless technology is safe – but who is saying that? From BC’s perspective, those championing wireless technology begin with Health Canada (HC) and Industry Canada (IC), followed by CWTA (Canadian Wireless and Telecommunications Association), then our BC Government, our PHO (Provincial Health Officer), our two electric utilities and BCUC (BC Utilities Commission) and, of course, all of the retail companies selling wireless products.
But the absolute TRUTH is very, very different: 
 No major insurance company today will insure any wireless or telecom company or electric utility against lawsuits alleging harm or adverse health effects attributed to the non-thermal radiation (the kind that does not heat the skin) emitted by today’s wireless products!
 In June, 2015, more than 50 of Canada’s top scientists publicly condemned HC and the so-called ‘safe’ radiation Exposure Limits reflected in its Safety Code 6 (SC6) and urged HC to drastically reduce them.
 In May, 2015, more than 200 leading scientists and health experts from 40 countries issued the International EMF Scientist Appeal. Addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations, to all U.N.-member countries and to the Director General of the WHO (World Health Organization), it appealed to all of them to: a) protect humans and wildlife from the dangers of EMFs (electric and magnetic fields) and wireless technology; and, b) make EMF standards more protective!
• July, 2014 – Globally, 53 Scientists from 18 countries condemned SC6 saying it was: “flawed, obsolete and did not protect Canadians” and called on HC to intervene to help avoid an emerging health crisis!
• Today’s wireless devices all emit “low-level, pulsed, non-thermal radio / microwave frequency radiation, many of which are constantly on and cannot be shut off (Smart Meters, cell phone towers, cordless phones, GPS, etc.).
• Militaries have known for more than 50 years that ‘pulsed’ radiation is more harmful to humans than is “continuous wave” (CW) radiation - which microwave ovens emit;
 HC refuses to recognize non-thermal radiation; nor will they admit that non-thermal radiation can be harmful to people and other life forms! HC’s ‘safe’ radiation Exposure Limits, reflected in SC6, offer protection only against thermal radiation (the kind that heats the skin)!
 Even though HC’s SC6 was lowered 66x in 2015, it still is one of the highest, most dangerous limits in the world! Eminent non-industry scientists said, by inference, in 2007 that it needed to be lowered 10,000 times (see Bioinitiative 2007 Report, below)! 
 Not one of today’s wireless devices has had to undergo independent pre-market testing to insure it is safe to be used by, on or around people (of all ages and size, but especially pregnant women, tiny babies, children, the sick and the elderly) on a continuous basis 24/7/365!
 Every cell phone Owner’s Manual contains the warning in small print at the back saying: “Avoid direct contact with the body’; hold the phone” ---- “from the body.” Blackberry says 0.98”; Apple says 5/8”; others say 1”!
 World-class scientists globally know that the latency period for cancers and most major diseases is anywhere from 10 to 40 years.
 Industry studies seldom last even six (6) years – enhancing the likelihood that their studies will prove their technology is harmless!
 Industry studies also consider only thermal radiation!
 Despite the above, cell phone companies’ own studies in the U.S. and in Germany have shown that cell phones are harmful and can lead to or cause cancers! 
 All major cell phone companies have applied for patents to modify their phones which clearly reveal that cell phone radiation leads to and/or causes cancers!
 Lawsuits alleging cell phones caused brain cancers have been successful in high courts of Italy and the U.S., and countless others are quietly underway in courts around the world. (USA VP Joe Biden’s son, Beau, died just recently from brain cancer);
 Lawsuits against electric utilities have been quietly won in France and Quebec where pig and/or dairy farmers sued their local utility because their animals suffered countless birth defects, physical deformities and numerous other health problems, and the farmers themselves suffered significant financial losses due to the electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) given off by overhead high voltage transmission and/or distribution lines!
 Electric-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) Both fields are associated with all electricity, including electrical home appliances, tools and machinery (when turned on), with overhead high voltage and power distribution lines, electrical sub-stations, voltage transformers etc. Epidemiological studies have shown that magnetic fields of just 3-4 milliGauss (mG) can cause leukemia in children! Russia recommends an ambient  magnetic field of just 1.5 mG; Sweden recommends just 2.5 mG! Contrast this with ICNIRP, WHO and HC, all three of whom say there is no conclusive evidence showing that EMFs are harmful!  For short term duration, ICNIRP and WHO say ambient levels of up to 2,000 mG are safe for the public and up to 10,000 mG for occupational exposures! Yet this same WHO, in 2001, classified EMFs a “Possible Carcinogen”! HC says ambient levels of magnetic fields of up to 1,000 mG are safe; whereas IEEE/ICES (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers/International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety – who determine the standard for the USA) says ambient levels up to 9,000 mG are safe!
 The same lead scientist who set ICNIRP’s dangerously high electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) ‘guidelines’ had previously set HC’s SC6 EMR guidelines (assisted by another scientist)! From ICNIRP he moved on to the WHO, where he was the lead scientist responsible for setting that world body’s EMR Exposure Limits. Consequently, all three agencies shared virtually identical dangerously high EMR Exposure Limits – thanks to this one scientist! And it was this same scientists who was responsible for HC, ICNIRP and WHO all saying that EMFs are harmless to people and all living things!
 Historically, most European Union countries (47 countries, 800-million people) followed ICNIRP’s recommended Exposure Limits – until, that its, 2011, when the EU issued a press release urging all its member nations to “reconsider” their reliance on ICNIRP and, instead, follow the recommendations of the BioInitiative 2007 Report – which would have required HC, the WHO, ICNIRP, IEEE/ICES and FCC (Federal Communications Commission) all to lower their ‘safe’ radiation Exposure Limits by 10,000 times!
 Russia, China, Switzerland, Italy and many other countries have ‘safe’ radiation Exposure Limits at least 100 times lower (safer) than HC, ICNIRP, WHO, IEEE/ICES and FCC.
 HC, like ICNIRP, IEEE/ICES and FCC, refuses to admit that there is such a condition known as electro-hypersensitivity or “EHS”, which is officially recognized in Sweden as a debilitating physical impairment. Many other countries of the world have recognized it, even the WHO!   
 For more than 50 years, major militaries of the world have had weapons of war that use the exact same microwave frequencies, with similar pulse modulations and similar (and even lower) power densities as those used in today’s baby monitors, Smart Meters, cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers etc.!
 Disgracefully, HC (like the WHO, ICNIRP, IEEE/ICES and FCC) chooses to ignore: a) the hundreds of Soviet/Russian peer-reviewed scientific studies; b) more than 2,000 studies conducted by the U.S. military; and, c) over 6,000 peer-reviewed studies done by non-industry scientists from around the world - all of which show the harmful effects humans experience when chronically exposed to non-thermal radiation!
 It is believed that, with few exceptions, only the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand use wireless Smart Meters similar to those used in B.C., which contain two, pulsing microwave transmitters and are envisaged to eventually accommodate 15-or-so ‘Smart Appliances’ per home (with each appliance having its own pulsing microwave radio circuit)! Japan, Russia, China, India and most European countries have Smart Meters, but they all elected not to use wireless radio. Also, their Smart Meters are not nearly as dangerous (from a health perspective); nor do they violate the sanctity and privacy of a home as do B.C.’s Smart Meters. Nor would their meters be prone to catching fire, as are those in B.C.   
In conclusion, even the most obdurate government should see from the above that they have, once again, allowed themselves to be duped, deceived, misinformed and even lied to by an immoral, unconscionably greedy alliance of Health Canada, Industry Canada and private Industry who have far too easily convinced naïve governments everywhere that wireless radio technology is safe, when it simply is not! Militaries have known for more than 50 years: a) the lethality of each and every frequency within the entire RF spectrum; b) that today’s frequencies, on which wireless consumer products and Smart Meters are authorized to emit their “low-level, pulsed, non-thermal RF radiation” are THE most harmful frequencies known to man; c) that pulsed non-thermal radiation can inflict more harm on people (the human brain, central nervous system, and immune system) than can continuous wave (CW) radiation - the kind emitted by microwave ovens; and, d) humans can selectively be inflicted with any of a host of diseases, illnesses and harmful effects – even killed – by pulsed non-thermal radiation on certain precise frequencies!

Governments everywhere must finally stand up and put a merciful end to the lies, the corruption, and the 50-year suppression of the truth! Microwave radiation must never again be used in consumer products and Smart Meters! The alternative, wired technology, is much faster, far more secure, and it is harmless. Microwave radiation – especially pulsed - belongs only in weapons of war!
All references are provided in the full report, which will be provided to those requesting a copy.

James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)
5181 Gainsberg Road
Bowser, B.C., V0R 1G0