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Author: Sue McEwen
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RFID, a poem,
This is a poem written by a person suffering from severe life-threatening electromagneitc exposure, which began when her name was registered to an RFID chip, which emits and receives signals to a server over distance. She believes that RFID technology may be one of the bigger electromagnetic threats, perhaps exceeding the effects of the smart meter.
She is looking into the link between electromagnetic damage and spying practices in the Internet-of-Things Age.
I wander the streets without my bread
I wander without a thought for bed
I wander without a thought in my head,
I wander blindly, just like you said.
I wander the streets, I look for air,
For gentleness, for decency, for care,
For warmth in someone's arms,
But beware, for arms are cold,
And men are sly,
Warmth is denied.
I wander the streets, RFID,
I see the skyline, RFID,
I know my mind, RFID,
I know my kind, RFID.
I wander the streets, listen to me.
I seek someone to speak to, listen to me,
Someone to tweet to, listen to me,
To meet to, to greet to, to preach to, listen to me.
I wander the streets, I know the text,
The scriptures, the books, the histories vexed,
The heroes, the failures, the conmen, the strange,
The mentally-split, the upset, the deranged.
I wander the streets, not a sick one,
Not a shy one, not a dry one, a lost one,
I wander the streets, I know what I mean,
The horizon is close to the fingertips,
Yet by most so unseen.
I wander the streets, RFID,
Lock me away from society.
I wander the streets, listen to me,
The waves and the people and the words and the 1s
And the 0s, the heroes, the queer-os, the cheer-o-s,
I wander the streets, disconnect it from me,
I seek my own peace,
Dear RFID.
*The author is in need of assistance, as her life is currently in danger due to the electromagnetic threats of the RFID chip. She needs legal counsel, technology and privacy counsel, and general care and support.
She has been hospitalised several times since the start of the illness, and spent long periods just trying to find people to understand and support what she's going through.