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RF id SOLO $225.00

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Meters GradePersonal Use
Meter TypeRadiofrequency Meters

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Meter Specifications
Spectrum Lower Limit Upper Limit Description
RF 50MHz 2.5GHz

Determine Frequency of RF Sources

With RF-id SOLO you can simultaneously and instantly confirm exact frequencies and signal strength of a nearby RF transmitter.

The RF-id SOLO works with both digital and analog single carrier transmissions from 50MHz to 2.5GHz (provided that the transmissions are not spread-spectrum or frequency hopping). Factory calibrated to an amazing 10Hz resolution!

Simple to use, hand-held and perfectly portable, less than 3½ x 2 inches. And not just for commercial RFID tag uses! Check wireless microphones, belt pack transmitters, assisted listening devices, wireless intercoms, cell phones, wi-fi and much more. Even hunt for covert listening devices! RF-id SOLO

- RF-id Solo confirms frequency of the signal

- RF-id Solo confirms power output of the transmitter

The RF-id SOLOTM is designed for ‘Near Field’ measurements only. The input of the RF-id SOLO has been attenuated to a minimum measurement level of -40dbm (1uW) and any signals below this level will not be measured. The RF-id SOLO’s maximum input level is +40dbm (10W). 1 year warranty.

- Dimensions: 3.35" x 1.8" x .85"

- Power: 5 VDC, 1A

– built-in rechargeable NiMH battery (includes adapter/charger). A fully charged battery will last for approximately 4 continuous hours

- Frequency range: 1MHz – 2.6GHz

- LCD: Frequency counter and signal level display