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Radiation Refuge highly recommmends this meter.
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RF GAUSS FIELD METER Cornet Model ED-78s $139.95

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Meters GradePersonal Use
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Meter Specifications
Spectrum Lower Limit Upper Limit Description
RF Mode 100 MHz 8.0 GHz
Magnetic 50 Hz 10 KHz Gauss meter mode, 2 ranges

Detect Both EMF Hazards for One Low Price

Want measure both AC magnetic field and radiofrequency (microwave) radiation? Need more information than just LEDs or sound? Working on a limited budget? This unit is the first to combine these capabilities with a digital readout at low cost!

RF valid for both analog (microwave oven, AM/FM) and digital (GSM, TDMA, CDMA, PCS, Wi-Fi) signals and can distinguish between them. So easy to use, just choose RF or Magnetic, then point and read! Even includes a HOLD button to freeze the meter reading. Magnetic sensor is 1 axis, and RF is directional.

Display screen includes: •RF Signal displayed as mW/m², V/m, or dBm

- Both mG and µT Magnetic Field units display simultaneously

- Horizontal bar “power level display” with 12 5dBm segments

- Moving bargraph (histogram) showing signal changes over the last 30 readings

- 8 segment LED bar (green/yellow/red) with corresponding power indication

- Backlite which can be turned on/off