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radiation refuge

Paul Doyon Certified Building Biologist


Public Members Profile: Paul Doyon

Paul Doyon, Building Biology Practitioner certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS), International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Name:Paul Doyon
Group / Organisation:Electromagnetic Safe Planet
Country:United States
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Hi, I am Paul Doyon, certified Building Biology Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) and CEO of Electromagnetic Safe Planet (ESP), an EMF Consultancy, and also founder of the EMF Refugee Goods Online Store, the place to go to buy all your EMF protection goods, and where a percentage of all profits earned go to the support of an NGO/NPO named EMF REFUGEE: THE INTERNATIONAL COALITION FOR AN ELECTROMAGNETIC SAFE PLANET (IC-ESP), the main purpose of which is to make the world a safer Electromagnetic Planet and to help those being made unwittingly ill due to overexposures to man-made electromagnetic fields.

Since I was also made unwittingly ill due to living in the vicinity of several cell phone towers back in 2005, I have been working for approximately the last ten years helping people, educating people, and raising consciousness and awareness of the adverse health effects caused by exposures to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) — emanating from what are called (1) radiofrequency (RF) (wireless devices & cell phone base stations), (2) power frequency  (electrical appliances & electrical wiring),  and from (3) dirty electricity  (the high-frequency transients running on electrical wires in the home and at work places).

I started a Yahoo Group in 2006 called EMF Refugee after I became extremely ill in 2005 living in the vicinity of several cell phone towers/base stations while residing in Japan and became an EMF Refugee myself. Actually, I was the one who first coined the term,
EMF Refugee. I also have a blog called The Microwave Factor and put out an eNewsletter three times a month called EMR Updates.

After working as an Associate Professor at a number of universities in Japan, I lived in a number of foreign countries —  looking for a safe haven to live and decided to return to the United States in 2013 where I decided to embrace my fate and move forward into turning a minus into a plus.