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POWER LINES - The Documentary

POWER LINES - The Documentary

Power Lines is a documentary that explores the 40 year controversy behind these massive transmission lines and the intense debate between homeowners, environmentalists, journalists, doctors, scientists, activists and power line companies.  The aim is to educate and inform the world as to what Power Lines do.  The pros, the cons, the dangers to all of us.  

Christina Neferis - Power Lines

Hi!  My name is Christina Neferis and I am a filmmaker living in Los Angeles. I am  currently directing the documentary Power Lines. I also have a docu-style webisode, LA Stories which has featured politicians, artists, activists, rock stars and so much more.  I showcase people who are living their dream therefore inspiring others to live theirs. I am also producing the documentary American Surveillance which documents the ongoing battle to preserve American constitutional rights and values against the expanding activities of the surveillance state.

My recent credits include the documentaries DONS '51 for ESPN and FEMME, which has garnered festival awards worldwide. Other projects include award winning campaigns for SAVE THE CHILDREN and AT&T's DAYBREAK.

The reason as to why I am pursuing this project is because it directly hits home.        I grew up in Levittown, New York.  The first suburb in all of the United States.  I lived across the street from 2 huge massive overhead towers and one built underground.  Throughout the years, I witnessed neighbors and friends become ill and too many died of cancer. It has been something that has been talked about in my town ever since I can remember. I myself suffered with health problems and depression while living there and while doing the research for this documentary, and through my interviews,  I have discovered that I am not alone.   Levittown, NY


This documentary is not about pushing you to one side… it is about informing you of all sides.  My intention is to not take down the power line companies,  it’s to educate the world about what’s really going on by giving you powerful information and the solutions.  

YOUR DONATION The money raised will go to hiring a crew, travel expenses, archive footage, and post- production which will include animation.

THE GOAL My goal is to have this documentary filmed by the end June.  Post-production completed by the end of August so that the documentary can be ready to hit the festival market in the autumn of 2015.

FINAL THOUGHTS                                                                                                                       

You might be thinking, I don't live near power lines, this doesn't affect me… think again.  EMFs are pretty much everywhere.  You will be amazed as to where the journey of this documentary will lead you to.  Help me take you there!

THANK YOU!!!                                                                                                                            

Thank you so much for all of your support.  Please share the video at the top of this page, share the fundraising link,  and help me get the message out there.


-Back in 2002, The California Health Department created a report  on EMFs.  This 7-year, $9 million study concluded that EMFs can cause some degree of increased risk of childhood leukemia, adult brain cancer, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and miscarriage. The evaluation further concludes that magnetic fields may cause suicide and adult leukemia.

-The first study that documented an association between childhood cancers and EMF exposure (Wertheimer and Leeper 1979) is now viewed as a classic by scientists in this field of study.  Wertheimer and Leeper found an increased relative risk for childhood leukemia, nervous system tumors , and lymphoma for children (under the age of 19) living near power lines with a very high current configuration (VHCC) in Denver Colorado. This classification includes distances up to 50 feet from a high voltage transmission line, 50 feet from a primary distribution line with multiple conductors or thick conductors; and 25 feet from a primary distribution line with thin conductors.- testimony given by Dr. Magda Havas

-The slow spread of residential electrification in the US in the first half of the 20th century from urban to rural areas resulted by 1940 in two large populations; urban populations, with nearly complete electrification and rural populations exposed to varying levels of electrification depending on the progress of electrification in their state. It took until 1956 for US farms to reach urban and rural non-farm electrification levels.  Both populations were covered by the US vital registration system. US vital statistics tabulations and census records for 1920–1960, and historical US vital statistics documents were examined.  Residential electrification data was available in the US census of population for 1930, 1940 and 1950. Crude urban and rural death rates were calculated, and death rates by state were correlated with electrification rates by state for urban and rural areas for 1940 white resident deaths. Urban death rates were much higher than rural rates for cardiovascular diseases, malignant diseases, diabetes and suicide in 1940. Rural death rates were significantly correlated with level of residential electric service by state for most causes examined. I hypothesize that the 20th century epidemic of the so called diseases of civilization including cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes and suicide was caused by electrification not by lifestyle. A large proportion of these diseases may therefore be preventable.  - Samuel Milham, MD,MPH