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Author: Carol Wong
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PMA Anti-Radiation Card


StreetNO.1201 Huguang East Road
Contact PersonCarol
Contact Phone+8613655697032


一.Description Item: PMA Anti-Radiation Card Size: 3.3x2.13x0.1 inches Net weight: 0.4oz Effect: Anti-Radiation 二.Material and Theory According to the principle of electromagnetic wave transmission ,it always flow from low magnetic conductivity to a higher magnetic conductivity area,thus the electromagnetic radiation surrounding us will flow to the card.It creates a radiation protection area more bigger than the size of the card,protecting us from harmful radiation 三.Why Choose PMA Anti-Radiation Card? 1.ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION (EMR) JEOPARDIZE YOUR HEALTH . All electronics will emit the EMR, and there is no doubt that the EMR harm your body more or less. When considering the EMR damage has the cumulative effect, fetuses and babies who have the smaller brain, thinner skull, more rapidly dividing cells and softer brain tissue are at a higher risk. 2.SHIELDING IS NOT ENOUGH TO PROTECT YOU FROM EMR POLLUTION To protect their babies, expectant mummy always choose the anti-radiation maternity clothes, but this is far from enough. As we know, the material of the anti-radiation maternity clothes are some metal fiber, they can just shielding the EMR by change their direction, not reduce them. As a result, you still exposed to radiation. 四.Warranty 1. Any question about product,you can feel free to contact with our services,we will give you feedback soon. 2. PMA offers excellent service and support. 3. Any time welcome to our company to inspect.