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Meters GradePersonal Use
Meter TypeAC Gaussmeters
Radiofrequency Meters
Combination Meters

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Meter Specifications
Spectrum Lower Limit Upper Limit Description
Magnetic 1 0 100 mG 50 Hz - 100 kHz
Magnetic 2 0 3 mG 50 Hz - 100 kHz
Electric 0 1000 V/m 50 Hz - 100 kHz
RF/Microwave 0 1 W/cm2 50 MHz - 3 GHz

Personal EMF Alarm which alerts you with a loud audible alarm when it encounters a field

Attention all pacemaker wearers!

Attention all paranormal researchers!

Attention electrical sensitives!

Personal EMF Alarm What could be better than a meter which alerts you with a loud audible alarm when it encounters a field? How about a meter which allows you to set the sensitivity of the alarm? How about a 3 axis meter? How about a meter which does all this for AC magnetic fields, AC electric fields, and RF radiation?! This meter does all that, for under $200!!

We are very excited to offer this simple and useful item for anyone who wants to monitor their EMF environment without having to stare at their meter for hour after hour. Carry it with you to alert you when you become exposed to more radiation that you want. Set it in a strategic location to alert you when a field trips the alarm. You set the level (threshold) above which the alarm will sound. Can also be used as a nice analog meter to read field strength. Same specifications as our Trifield Meter.