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Opinion to your Article in Friday the 3rd of July Advertiser

Opinion to your Article in Friday the 3rd of July Advertiser
What about the “Human Right” to be free from EMF`s ( electro magnetic frequencies )
Have you ever given it a thought that the Phone Towers that provide mobile phone coverage are the biggest threat to the Health of every Human & Animal on the Planet ?
Reading your Article about the “basic  human right “ to have mobile phone reception  send showers down our Spine !!
Saving a poor Farmer in the Outback v. killing millions of people slowly !!  With this opinion you would be standing right next to Bill Gates & the rest of the  Aluminate  who reckon it is necessary to get rid of billions of Humans so the Human Race can survive !
As I am writing this  my Husbands Health and mine  is already  Microwave damaged !  We cannot continue the Life we used too because every trip outside  of our Property which is in a : Black Spot”means more pain & suffering from  Radiation affects
EMF from Phone Towers exposures destroy Health and well-being, claims panel of top international scientists
  Response does not shows biological test on humans! Also phone towers have never been erected in a density  like now  . Optus , Telstra and the like are doing it!
All independent scientists know that microwaves are harming our Bodies.  We have been Victims since the first Phone Towers where placed here in South Australia !
We are radiated without consent , there has never been a proper research been done ! This will be very costly for consulting companies and Arpansa!
Right now  there are about 20%  people  who are effected,  only 8 to 10%  know that their  sickness comes from Microwaves & Wireless.
People who killed and damaged  Peoples  in Concentration Camps in the 2nd World War thought they would  get away with this too, because they  followed Orders !
70 years later they are still in the Courts and persecuted ! (  research on dead matter not on long term human research should have never been released!)
One of the biggest Catastrophes is waiting and you   will be a part of it. Microwave Technology  was  designed as Weapons in Wartimes !
(NaturalNews) Nearly 8 million people worldwide die from cancer on an annual basis. Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death, killing almost 17 million people in 2011; both of these statistics are spiralling out of control. Now three top scientists, Dr. Panagopoulos of the University of Athens , Associate Prof. Johansson of the Karolinska Institute, and Dr. Carlo of the Science and Public Policy Institute, are sounding the alarm bell.
Leaders in their respective fields, Panagopoulos, Johansson, and Carlo, claim electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures significantly below international safety levels exposures are destroying the public's health and well-being.
Recent study findings
This latest study concluded the present standard of measuring EMFs, Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), to be totally inappropriate. SAR measures the heating effect of EMF based technologies like microwave ovens, cell phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi and the like.
Dr. Carlo points out the life-threatening consequences of using SAR as an exposure metric in establishing the outcomes of EMF studies:
• "Studies which show 'no effect' are likely "false negatives."
• "Studies that show an effect are likely under-reporting the true risk."
He goes on to say "this imprecision....shakes the foundation of the science that we are using to sort out the full range of non-ionizing radiation health effects."
At this point the real debate is moving beyond whether or not EMFs harm health and threaten public safety. Even the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified EMF exposure as a possible carcinogen (Group 2B carcinogen). This new research paper elaborates on just how strong these EMFs can be: "For waves emitted by a supposed unidirectional antenna it takes about 10 human bodies in sequence in order to be totally absorbed."
EMFs not only affect cell phone users, but pretty much anyone else living in this technological age, the young, the old, and everyone else in their path. This exposure results in increased risks not only for Leukaemia and AD, but reproductive issues, behavioural issues, autism, neurological effects, DNA changes, certain types of cancer, and changes in the blood-brain barrier.
Sources for this article include To Ask for more Mobile Phone Coverage is CRIMINAL !
Yours sincerely
Mark & Connie Lutzow /Adelaide South australia