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Vital Info
Does the location have WIFI?
Using a laptop or other device, how many WIFI connections are available?
Of the available WIFI connections, how many are listed as strong or good signal?
What is the average signal strength of these WIFI connections?
Does the location have WIFI in the adjoining building?
Does this accommodation allow the use of mobile phones?
Does this accommodation allow the use of cordless phones or dect phones?
Does this accommodation have a smart meter installed?
The meter is 70 meters away from the cottage and is non transmitting.
If you have a smart meter on the premises, is it transmitting?
How far from the room is the smart meter in meters approximately?
In meters, how far is the nearest phone tower?
Are there mobile phone towers or panels within one kilometre of the accommodation?
Roughly how many phone panels are there on the nearest tower?
Does this accommodation have a EMR canopy over the bed to be used?
Is the room using EMF blocking materials and have a measured level of protection?
Does this accommodation have a faraday cage?
Is this location offering emergency refuge to EHS people in the case of serious complications?
Does this property have solar power?
this property has no solar
Does the property have the solar panels on the roof of accommodation?
Is the solar inverter on or within 50 meters of the accommodation?
In meters, how close are the nearest power lines to the accommodation?

Myrrhee Cottage

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Sensitivity TypeEHS
Rent, Buy, TemporaryRent
Short Stay
Emergency Shelter
Share House
Location TypeMountain Region
Property TypeShare House

StreetBenalla Whitfield RD
Contact PersonBruce Evans
Contact Phone
Last Update12-Oct-2016

Rental Period Cost Per Period Bond Description
week $50.00 $0.00 or what ever you can afford. You can so some work instead if you like.
Spare rooms available in small cottage in quiet valley.


Hi, this place would not suit those that are extremely sensitive, but for those that are can tolerate some EMF, it will be fine. We will be remedying these issues over the coming weeks.

This is the home of Radiation Refuge. It is a small cottage in a very quiet valley. There is no mobile phone reception and no NBN, yet. One of the neighbours has WIFI but it is weak and about 150 meters away.

There are two rooms here that are empty in the cottage. We do have some issues with EMF in the roof that we hope to address in the coming weeks. We can turn this off at night and then there are no problems. We have a smart meter here that is a non transmitting meter. It is 70 meters from the cottage.

I am the only other person here. I work on the computer most of the day plotting to take over the world. So the electricity needs to be on for that reason. But at night we can turn it off and then the rooms are EMF, WIFI and phone tower free, almost completely.

There are goats and horses here. Lots of goats. They are pretty cool and save me mowing the lawns.

If you are interested in sharing I suggest come up for a day or two and try it out. Bring a few beers and we will see how we get along.

As for myself, I am reasonably clean and clean up after myself. I do not like dishes building up in the sink or junk left all over the place. I mind my own business pretty much as I have a lot of work to do.

I am an early riser. I get up around 05:00, that's AM, and train for an hour or so. You are more than welcome to join in. But if you can sleep through it, that is fine.

I am not given to political correctness, I believe in unrestricted free speech regardless of who is offended. Please just accept this, I am not going to change. I am not an angry old man or a grouchy person, I just do not have time for political correctness.

I do not try to impose my beliefs on others. I like discussing different viewpoints in a rational manner. So I would not want someone here who is trying to tell me how I should think or considers themselves as my life coach. This does not mean that I am closed minded, it means I have a lot of life experience and am not on a soul searching mission. I am however, on a mission to rid the world of phone towers and smart meters, not just for me, but for everyone.

I have a good sense of humour that some people find a bit on the raw side, but I know when to pull it back.

Wow, I am really selling myself here aren't I?

I am pretty easy going and genuinely fun to be around. I am always cracking jokes, bad ones, and like to keep things upbeat.

The place is quiet most of the time, and that is why I am putting this ad in, it is too quiet. If you are a musician, this would be great. So am I. I just have not played for a couple of years.

If you have computer skills and are able to do some work on the radiation Refuge site, this would be very helpful. You can help me fight the evil empire. If you just need to have a break from all the Electrosmog, that is fine too.

There may be some paid work coming up, but I cannot guarantee it, I am struggling to find work myself out here. This will more than likely be computer based.

My father needs a hand sometimes on his farm which is up the road a bit. If you can work with him and understand his instructions, you should get a medal. Sorry, had to throw that in. He's ok really. He is EHS and MCS.

The work there is just light farm work, you know, flying helicopters, wrestling crocodiles, lassoing and branding bulls, fighting kangaroos, that sort of thing.

The two rooms are small, take your pick. Do what you want in them. As long as they are in one piece when you leave, go for it.

There is a aircraft navigation tower on the hill behind us. I have not had any problems with it, but some people have said it causes them problems. I cannot confirm or deny this. I don't know if it was that or something else. I get 3.8 MV/M on my TES 593. This does not seem to be higher than anywhere else I have measured. It actually is very low from what I can understand.

You can Skype text chat with me if you like.


In your connect request tell me that it is regarding Radiation Refuge. I get a lot of scammers.

You are welcome to bring a caravan and put it somewhere here. Pick a spot and use the cottage for all your other needs. You do not have to interact with me if you do not want to. I will not stalk you if you want to be left alone.

This is not a commercial operation, it is a share housing arrangement at this stage.

There has in the past been chemicals used in this area and the neighbouring farms use chemicals but there is no aerial spraying apart from the bloody chemtrails.

Well I hope I have not scared you off hahahaha! I am a nice guy really. And I am easy to live with.

I can't really tell you more than that. Come up and try it for a day or so.