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More replies to Blythe Nilsons article The Nocebo Effect from Prof Trevor G Marshall PhD

More replies to Blythe Nilsons article The Nocebo Effect from Prof Trevor G Marshall PhD


Prof. Trevor G Marshall, PhD
It is the height of arrogance for a Professor of Biology to be second-guessing a medical diagnosis to be psycho-somatic. It is even more reckless to think that one understands all there is to know about Physics or Electromagnetics. As I explained in my recent presentation in St Petersburg, "How Radio Waves Make you Sicker," you cannot perform a normal double-blind experiment when the human immune system is in play. After an activation trigger it can take several hours before immune symptoms become noticeable, and then the effects typically exist for days. I also described two easily replicated experiments which demosntrate this activation. In other words, "double-blind" experiments cannot work unless they are administered over a time frame which few investigators have previously attempted.

Additionally, anecdotal reports of people being afraid of something which has previously made them ill, add nothing to the issues being canvassed here.

Blythe, I too am sickened by the "The level 4 TriGem necklace" selling at US$7,697. But it is your failings which allow this type of scam to continue. If you and your colleagues had come up with real answers to address the problems these people are experiencing, then they would not be desperate enough to try such a device. None of our cohort has bought one of these necklaces, as we have addressed solutions, solutions based in real science.

Prof. Trevor G Marshall, PhD
Director, Autoimmunity Research Foundation, Thousand Oaks, California
Fellow, European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalised Medicine (Brussels)
Patron, Unabhangige Gesellschaft zur Erforschung von Autoimmunerkrankungen (Germany)
International Expert Council, Community of Practice: Preventative Medicine (Moscow)"