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Vital Info
Does the location have WIFI?
Using a laptop or other device, how many WIFI connections are available?
Of the available WIFI connections, how many are listed as strong or good signal?
What is the average signal strength of these WIFI connections?
Does the location have WIFI in the adjoining building?
Does this accommodation allow the use of mobile phones?
Does this accommodation allow the use of cordless phones or dect phones?
Does this accommodation have a smart meter installed?
If you have a smart meter on the premises, is it transmitting?
How far from the room is the smart meter in meters approximately?
In meters, how far is the nearest phone tower?
Are there mobile phone towers or panels within one kilometre of the accommodation?
Roughly how many phone panels are there on the nearest tower?
Does this accommodation have a EMR canopy over the bed to be used?
Is the room using EMF blocking materials and have a measured level of protection?
Does this accommodation have a faraday cage?
Is this location offering emergency refuge to EHS people in the case of serious complications?
Does this property have solar power?
Does the property have the solar panels on the roof of accommodation?
Is the solar inverter on or within 50 meters of the accommodation?
In meters, how close are the nearest power lines to the accommodation?

Low EMF room for rent

Contact PersonJeanette
Contact Phone415-250-5798
Last Update26-Apr-2019

Rental Period Cost Per Period Bond Description
Contact advertiser for price details.
Low EMF room $375/month + half utilities

Room available for rent that I believe has tolerable, low levels of EMF. I have severe EMF sensitivity and have lived here without issue for 6 months, but my current roommate is leaving and I can't afford rent alone. It's available now, but I need someone by June 1st 2019 at the latest, otherwise I have to move out.

Highest measurement with Cornet meter throughout house is .005, but is often much lower, especially in certain areas (.001, .002).

No WiFi in house (we can get internet via corded ethernet if you like)

No cell phones or cordless phones used in house (corded landlines only)

No overhead power lines

Did have smart meter on pole some distance from house, but am having it changed to analog

Approx. 1 mile or more from any cell tower or antenna

No smart TVs or other smart appliances that have WiFi, bluetooth, or wireless connectivity currently in the house.

Rent: $375/month plus half of utilities (electric, oil heat, and internet if we decide to get it; currently there is no internet at the house). Dog and cat friendly, but landlord would probably be most comfortable with a max of 2 animals total (previous roommate had pets).

You'd get a private bedroom with shared bathroom, living room, & kitchen in manufactured home in a small rural community with a great landlord. You'd be sharing the place with a quiet, respectful senior female.

Also mild MCS here, so no chemical cleaning products or scented products are used in the house.

However, the house may not be suitable for severe MCS or allergy sufferers who are very sensitive as there is oil heat, food smells, many pets have lived there, carpet is older, etc.

Please let me know if you're interested!