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Liiife now offers Hair Mineral Analysis and Nutritional Balancing tests

Liiife now offers Hair Mineral Analysis and Nutritional Balancing tests

Luke is certified in Nutritional Balancing Science and has years of experience. His youtube videos can be found here.

Liiife now offers Hair Mineral Analysis and Nutritional Balancing tests. The authors of this website suffered terribly from many health issues, including EMF sensitivity. Over the course of a few years following a Nutritional Balancing program and reducing the EMF load on their bodies they were able to resolve their issues with EMF and many other conditions as well.

There are many different ways to diagnose health, ranging from blood test’s to CAT scans. All test’s have their place and time, but is important to understand their limitations in regards to the full picture when it comes to health. For instance, blood test’s are a very standard test done by doctors.

The blood can be tested for abnormal hormone levels, cancer cells, infections, and much more. It is important to know that the blood is only an instantanoues snapshot, especially when it comes to mineral levels. The level in the blood only tells us the level at that specific time. It is also very important to realize that BLOOD IS MAINTAINED AT THE EXPENSE OF THE TISSUES.

This is a very important concept that many do not understand. Your blood has very extensive buffering mechanism’s, if it didn’t you would die when you ate something with a lot of salt for example. Blood touches all the tissues, if blood levels get outside a certain range the organism will die shortly after. So in the example of toxic metals, the body will shunt them into the tissues in order to preserve the blood.

 What we need is someway to look into what’s happening in the tissues, at the cellular level.

If you can see the mineral levels of cells within in the tissues, you can get a much bigger picture of what is going on inside the body. That is where hair mineral analysis comes in. Many people wonder why we test the hair, we simply test the hair because it is painless and it grows out at a nice rate to give us feedback as it grows. It’s important to realize you would get the same readings if you tested the fingernails for example. What we are really looking at is the mineral levels in the cellular tissue.

From the mineral levels we can see all kinds of things about the state of the body. For example, the minerals are regulated by glands at the cellular level. From the the hair test we can see how the thyroid, adrenals, and other glands are functioning over a 3 month average. This is very important because even though someone might show an adequate blood thyroid hormone level, the hair test shows a much different picture. The blood test only shows that your thyroid is producing enough thyroid hormone, but it doesn’t tell you if the hormone is getting into the cells and the cells are efficiently converting T4 into T3. I can tell you most people have an under active thyroid in our society, even children! An under active thyroid and adrenals are what we call “burnout,” and sadly even most most children today are in what we call burnout.

A full Nutritional Balancing program using Hair Mineral Analysis will re-mineralize the body, heal the adrenals, and thyroid, and get the body back to functioning how it was designed to function.