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Lewis Rowlands From liiife

Lewis Rowlands From liiife
Lewis Rowlands – From

EMF Biography.
To receive information and updates on all topics related to EHS and EMR, go to Lewis's website and fill out your email address at the top of the page:

My name is Lewis Rowlands. I am 25 years old and I’m a recovered / recovering electro sensitive (I say recovering, as I know if I don’t stick to my program I would start to feel the effects of EMF again.),

I’m going to give a brief overview about my relationship with health and EMF sensitivity. I have learnt a lot and Ive been through some pretty interesting and often intense experiences. I hope to be able to share my story with others more.

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My health problems started around the age of 15. I was a very lively, popular guy and within only a few months many stresses at the time seamt to have built up to a point that suddenly it all gave way.

One thing that I feel is important to stress is that growing up, my diet was terrible, and I mean awful. I used to eat ready meals 3 times a day and I’d probably swill that down with a half a loaf of bread per day. NO JOKE I was a bread eating machine.

I was a fitness freak as some may say. I played semi-profesional football 3-4 times a week and I also did Parkour (A high impact sport, it’s basically gymnastics, but outdoors- this is important to note, because our bodies structure is far more involved with health than one may think)

So, these few stressful months looking back at it now, was a culmination, and it brought me to a ‘threshold’, which eventually gave in. I see my body or peoples body a little like a plank of wood balancing between two rocks (bare with me…). When you put weight on the plank (your body) you begin to stress it, but it does a good job of holding the weight, and you don’t really know its being stressed too much.

So you add a little more, and a little more, and you guessed it… a little more. And eventually that strong plank just snaps. Quite out of blue often, although cracks may have started to show early on.

As you all know, once the plank has snapped, its damn hard to get it back to normal again. And, unfortunately, its often too damaged that 1. People never get it back to normal, and/ or 2.They just cant find a wood smith that understand the correct way of putting that wood back together. This by the way is super important to getting yourself better. Finding a good teacher!!

Often people stumble across many teachers from many areas and background, and although they may thing they are playing the field and finding the ‘best bits from them all’, in actual fact they are causing chaos throughout their system. This usually happens with the intellectuals, thinking they know better than others.

It’s a tough nut to swallow but find a teacher you resonate with and put your trust in them.

Anyways, over these few months that ‘broke me’ I was:

•working 30-40 hours part time in a restaurant, long hours and I would stay up till the early hours to finsh my work.

•I was 15 and I had started the party scene, therefore I was drinking, smoking having loose sex and all that ‘fun’ we’d like to think we are having at such a young age.

•I split up with a girlfreind I liked dearly, looking back now I did turn to partying as a way of coping I guess.

•I started to suffer from acne, so I was prescribed Accutane. This drug is an absolute killer and should be abolished immediately, reversing the affects of this drug is a nightmare and I am still to this day reversing the damage.

– And I was ‘studying’ I say studing, it was more like having a daily battle with my own mind to think, listen and understand the work I was trying to study.

Ok, so this is at 15 and here the long list of symptoms that started to emerge.

First started the brain fog, at the time I thought it was all mental but no, not really, It was mainly that my body was so sick (blood sugar, candida, heavy metals, copper etc etc) that I started to develop brain fog.

Then the depression started, deep depression, to be like this at 16 is scary and I didn’t tell anyone about it at the time, I was confused and embarrassed. And was brought up to believe that anything like this was ‘all in my head’, well that’s what the Dr told me anyway, pfft.
Candida overgrowth/ fungal infections. I’ve actually had this all my life in my ears, the doctors prescribed me antibiotics and steroid creams. Completely ridiculous, knowing that a candida overgrowth is related to adrenal insufficiency and then prescribing medication that adds to the insufficiency is quite frankly an abomination.

Dry and flaky skin, terrible I used to get out of the shower and my whole face would feel like dried up cardboard. Not nice at all. (this by the way is more related a copper imbalance, however everything kinda links in with eachother, anyone trying to do symptomatic approaches to healing illnesses need to think differently.)

Anxiety anxiety anxiety. I couldn’t speak to people, I had social anxiety, I couldn’t look people in the eye. Basically I was crippled and what made it worse was the way my body reacted, my heart would beat really fast and I would have like a wired feeling running through me.

Light sensitivity, visual snow , cold hands and feet, heart palpitations, inability to skip meals, forgetfulness, tingling in my fingers, insomnia and this list goes on….

This lasted for a few years, University was a s**** storm, I was loosing friends/ didn’t even have any. And I started to turn to recreational drugs as a form of relief, which did make me feel better (no wonder, they whipped my exhausted adrenals up for a short while).
I digressed there away from my EMF experience, just to give people a quick overview of my history. It gets much more intense than that but hopefully I will write more specifically in the future about other areas.

At the age of 21, in fact I remember the date. Its was June 21 2011 I was reading around the internet and I came across an article on ‘Brain Fog’.

Suddenly a light switched on in my head and intuitively I knew that I had stumbled across something special. I read the article and it described me perfectly. It brought me onto an article about ‘Copper Toxicity’ (yes it sounds like a rare disorder ‘copper toxicity’, but believe me it is so common It even shocks me to this day the amount of people with a copper imbalance, and, if you are an EMF sensitive TAKE NOTE.)

Anyway, I embarked on a Nutritional Balancing program to rebuild my body, mind and strangely enough my spirit which I was never expecting.

The ride was rough and Nutritonal Balancing is all about healing the body from many angles at VERY deep levels. I was in utter adrenal exhaustion and I could barely function normally in everyday life. I was quite down to understand that healing adrenal exhaustion would take a few years. I’m glad I stuck to it though, its hard and you have to have a lot of will and determination but the end results are amazing.

A few months into my program it wasn’t long before you begin to understand the extent of the damage. Re-nourishing the body is a strange process, many are under the impression that if you nourish and rebuild its basically a one way street to feeling better, which, in a way it is, but in a way it isn’t.

What people must understand is that what goes in must come out. And if you are full of toxins they must come out. This process often at times will make you feel rubbish, confuse you, depress you and so on and so fourth. Its like peeling back an onion, your body become sick in layers and honestly you will be peeling back things 1 layer at a time, healing something, feeling better and then you go into healing something else.

This can be obviously frustrating and confusing, just because there is so much information out there you can literally type into Google these days ‘drinking water will kill you’ and you are almost guaranteed you’ll have someone talking rubbish about it.

Well, probably not, but you get the idea, people are so skeptical these days and starting a ‘health program’ and feeling rubbish sometimes, puts people off. This is a much more in-depth article for the future (healing reactions, retracing and mental retracing)

So with this in mind I knew that there was no way on Earth is could live with my parents and do what I needed to do, it just was far too stressful and I couldn’t hold a bag of sand never mind a full time or even part time job. So, being the confused, copper toxic, creative guy I was, I did what any confused depressed teenager does. Move away and ‘travel’, haha..

I took a one-way flight to Thailand, and this is where things get interesting. I’m going to cut this process short a little and get to the nitty gritty. I found a guy in Thailand who sold the supplements I used to take.

I took a long scooter journey over the mountains between Chaing Mai and Pai to meet my unbeknown to me ‘health guru’ who would guide me and push me through my healing journey.

Along this journey I learnt about my intimate connection with electro magnetic radiation.. Oh how I had a beautiful relationship, with such an invisible entity….

Around 6 months into my Thailand experience I moved into a 10 story apartment and all of a sudden I started to experience terrible symptoms.

The worst was my complete inability to sleep or get a good night rest, now I wasn’t the best sleeper anyway but this was really taking the biscuit. I would lie in bed from maybe 9pm until 2-3am and then wake up early.

My whole body literally ‘buzzed’ it was like my veins were full of red bull. I remember the only thing that helped me was taking a shower…. Now I know why that was so effective.

Luckily I had read about EMF sensitivy, and what struck me most was when I logged into Wi-Fi on my laptop I must have got about 20 results!! It was ludicrous. Funnily enough abut a week later in the same apartment, I went outside onto my balcony (top floor) looked up onto the top of my roof, and there stood a huge telephone antenna!! Great.

So, I embarked on a mission to find a place that had no Wi-Fi router… I was unsuccessful, however the one I found had just 1, so I figured its better than nothing.

Well, you guessed it, I could still feel it, and what made it worse was that the router was right outside my door, I would have to wait until I could get a room further away from the router. Little did they know though, I used to turn off the router at night when they were fast asleep and then back on again in the morning. Shhhh 😉

Well, I had the EMF bug. Searching the internet (ironically) looking for answers, I tried grounding, salt, sitting away from the computer and all that jazz, which I wrote about in my article EMF addiction and Technology.

Well, sleep is so important for health and regeneration and It was literally killing me not being able to sleep properly and thoroughly. I therefore decided to buy a bed canopy to help alleviate my symptoms.

Baring in mind the state I was in, I was very vulnerable, un-educated, stressed, naïve and desperate. Delving into the world of frequencies, and radiation and numbers and strange formulas I literally was a duck out of water.

However I kept seeing all these fancy terms like 99.9% effectiveness, blocks radio waves, EMF protection etc etc. I mean hey, if someone came up to you when you couldn’t sleep and says ‘yeah, try this bed canopy, is 99.9% effective. You would jump at the chance to get it.

So I did, and I purchased a very expensive bed canopy. Baring in mind the money I was earning was small, I was very sick, this was a big deal for me, but I wanted relief.

Anyway I got the ‘bed canopy’ and quickly erected it. Mmmmm, I didn’t really feel a difference, was it me? Was I completely wrong about the EMF? Was I seriously in big doo daa?

Turns out I was none of these, and in actual fact I was sold a product that did an extremely poor job of doing what it claims to do. They used technical jargon with the 99.9% to trick me into buying something that quite frankly was completely useless.

Oh by the way, if you are wondering what I mean by the 99.9% thingy, I wrote an article about it called the 99% emf protection lie.

To receive information and updates on all topics related to EHS and EMR, go to Lewis's website and fill out your email address at the top of the page:

Trying to think positive here, I did learn about EMF, the materials, the jargon, low emf (which was also a factor in my health) and more. It actually annoyed me so much that I provide emf bed canopies myself which are far far superior than most of the tripe on the Internet.

So instead of being less stressed in my healing, turns out I was more stressed and I had to resort to probably one of the lowest points of my life.

I built myself an aluminum box to sleep in, it was about 6ft long and 3ft high, It was completely closed off apart from a bit of mesh at one end where I got in and out.

The first night I woke up not being able to breath properly, obviously because the oxygen was so small. So I popped a fan just outside the door that went through the mesh and ventilated me at night.

I have to admit, although it was ugly it worked, I also grounded it so it was protecting me from low emfs also.
Finally I could relax and get some sleep, it was quite joyous and it really helped me move forward in my healing. After that I started to speed up my healing and detox and moved through some quite intense healing reactions…..

Healing EMF is not just healing your surrounding environment but your inner environment also.

Speeding up my metabolism, increasing my potassium level, breaking down my calcified cells, increasing my hormone levels and circulation all helped me to improve my reactions to EMF. Please sign up to my newsletter to read more about these.

I’m nearly 4 years down the line and I can honestly say that I can live happily in an electrified world. I do my best to stay away still and I know If I swayed off my course of healing or sat in front of the computer for hours on end it would return with vengeance.

I have set up this company liiife ltd, to help others with emf sensitivity and various health problems. Unlike most emf companies we have the tools to heal from the inside. Peoples bodies these days are literally like hard bags of toxic sand, you have to remove the toxins, res, loosen up your muscles and structure and many many more things to help you on your way to not only healing EMF sensitivity but many more.

Please sign up to my newsletter to stay in touch with our movement. Receive tips and tricks, more videos about health, emf lifestyle practices and much more.

I hope one day to have the time to write my full journey for you guys, its been a blast, literally 😉

But in the meantime please sign up and stay in the know how!!!

To receive information and updates on all topics related to EHS and EMR, go to Lewis's website and fill out your email address at the top of the page: