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Author: Sue McEwen
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The No Trespassing Sign

Keep Out Unless Invited!

Absolutely No Trespassing! (as this pertains in Australia)

The following 'No Trespass' sign has proved invaluable for keeping would-be smart meter and antenna upgrade installations from proceeding. A good size is 35cm x 45cm printed on weatherproof tin or other suitable material. Contact sign makers in your area for a quote. If you can get a few friends together who might also be interested you can make enquiries on getting a discount for numbers. 

Put signs on all entrances to the property. Being wired to the gate is sufficient. Most uninvited guests will sit at the gate and toot their horn. Those that do proceed to trespass can be told in no uncertain terms that they will be held personally responsible and liable for damages and you will pursue their own personal assets.

You could also send a letter to the power or telecommunications company (or any other company that wants to proceed with installation of any device that uses wifi or microwave technology, such as gas & water companies, etc.) advising them that they are only allowed access to READ the meter. Any other action requires your written consent, and penalties apply. 

Put a notice on your analogue meter if its not too late, and put a cage around it so it can be locked down and not removed. You may want to do this for the water and gas meters too. You are only required to provide access to the meter for it to be read (through bars of the cage or clear panel affixed to the enclosure so the meter can be read).

Be prepared to stand your ground and mean business. You have every right. Your right!

To save the No Trespass sign as file to save on memory stick, go here:

Or can save it as jpeg here:  

(There is a small difference between the sign below and the saved copies. If you prefer the sign pictured then right click and 'save as' .jpg)

No Trespassing Sign