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Jody Watkins forced exile

Jody Watkins forced exile
Jody Watkins

I finally started to live in my home, after spending over five years homeless. This is Due to Multiple Chemical Sensitivities given the great difficulty accessing suitable housing for this condition. The impact of this means that I cannot live in a normal house due to the many building materials not being tolerated bringing about extreme loss of well-being and profound disability.

I have endured years of stress to pain staking build this personally hand crafted low toxic/healthy home. This was after years of enduring hard work collecting local air dried forest timbers, researching and investigating the least polluting, select materials and then building in a remote and tranquil part of the states south away from pollution with pristine air quality.

I had achieved my long time vision of a healing environment where I was finally able to feel well and start living a normal life. This was the happiest time in my life, just knowing every day I was going to heal and get stronger. While also looking forward to completing this home and living the lifestyle I had created.
Then an NBN fixed wireless tower was proposed to be built just 300 meters from my boundary. This threatened to take away my safe haven and everything I had achieved to feel well. This being the only place I know to manage my health. 

Among the many exposures which I am sensitive to it has been recognized I have an outstanding sensitivity to wireless technology. I have never been able to use a mobile phone or tolerate Wi-Fi exposure. More recently I have found myself to be adversely affected by the new technology of NBN fixed wireless.

After spending two and a half years of being consumed by overwhelming exhausting work to have the tower not go ahead next to my home. NBN Co have just ignored and dismissed all my efforts on what impact this would have on my life and how detrimental it would be to my health.

In May 2015 the tower became active next to my home. The exposure made me intensely unwell, to where I was unable to perform even the most basic tasks at my home and I found I had never felt so unwell in all my life and never felt so degraded in all my life.

This resulted in my not being able to remain at my home and camping out on land many kilometers away, tucked out of the wireless emissions, where I felt the head clamp release, my body became lighter, my mind started to shift into clarity and I started to feel alive.
This has been my only option in one of the coldest Tasmanian winters, where I am only able to live from my car and cook on a camp fire, this means I only return home for water access, essential supplies and washing.

When I return to my home I feel totally depleted like the life has been drained out of me where I become weak and exhausted. I am unable to concentrate or focus and feel disorientated. I become too nauseous to eat any meals and can’t sleep due to a relentless buzzing stimulating effect through my head and body which turns to tremors. I also develop the feeling of a clamp around my head that results in headache/migraine and the most intolerable agonizing and debilitating pain. I am left suffering a feeling of severe head trauma/injury as I am left with cognitive impairment, which I can only describe like a blow to the head and being left with a kind of brain damage. This is felt like a massive oxidative stress.

I am devastated by this situation of being forced to leave my home, losing access to basic resources, losing basic dignity and not being able to plan my days or even know how I will get through each day. I am now left where I feel like my like my heart has been torn out and I have lost all reason to live. I have had everything taken away from me, not just my home and my health care but my whole world (everything I know to survive).

I feel strongly that EHS needs to be recognized and that suffers need to be supported to live in the world, to live a normal life (just like any other disability) as everyone deserves to have a quality of life. Especially given we now live in an unprecedented world saturated in wireless signals from the many new technologies of pulsed microwave radiation.

The accumulative exposure from returning back to my home for access to essential resources has resulted in increased sensitivity and permanent injury. I feel I am now not recovering, where I am now profoundly unwell with relentless ongoing pain of headache/migraine, which I describe being felt like the most intense and debilitating pain accompanied by nausea and weakness, I feel there Is lingering damage to my nervous system effecting mobility and coordination and I am left with permanent cognitive impairment like brain damage (making my life harder to manage). For this reason my plans are to continue camping out to save my health.

I have investigated building a shielding wall designed to maintain ventilation that would allow me to temporarily return to my home, but this wall may need to be 20 meters high and success cannot be guaranteed given ambient levels and how sensitive I am. I have therefore been advised I would be better off looking to find suitable land out of the wireless.
Relocation is increasingly difficult from the ongoing NBN fixed wireless roll out. Where I live In the Huon Valley/Channel area from late 2013 I have found more and more places have been wiped off the map, with just driving out becoming more of a struggle.

It now looks like needing to go further remote making access in to such areas an issue. I miss my home and I desperately miss my garden, where I am able to grow my own food and live the life that I had. I am not sure how, but I will not give up on finding a place out of the wireless, where I can start again. It is my plan to relocate and finish my purpose built house where I have a chance to look forward to healing and feeling well again.