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In Search of Off-grid, Relatively EMF-free Eco-villiage or Homestead

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CountryUnited States
Contact PersonSara
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I want to live in an off-grid community filled with people with similar values. I do not want to abandon technology or the internet, but I am not a fan of wireless internet as I'm concerned with the possible health effects and how it affects the energy of the place. I don't want to be really close to cell-phone tower and it would be great to be around others who feel the same as that helps in the activism realm of keeping the area relatively EMF-free. I believe in health freedom and natural illness prevention. I do not want to live somewhere with mandatory vaccines. Being within 1-2 hours of a decently sized city with bookstores and libraries would be nice, but I also want to have a few great 3rd spaces at the community such a a library (I have books that I'd love to add!) and meeting hall for board games,meals, ect. I love eco-villages. I love having most of the things I need to be within walking distance. I love being a net-positive to the world. I feel I have a lot to learn in terms of homesteading as I have lived a typical suburban existence for my 36 years of life. I am open to learning. I might have to do a work-share or training before I find the right place. I consider myself a libertarian, but I get along with liberals and conservatives because I identify with values from both sides. I am in the prepper mindset right now, though as I would like to not have to be dependent on a economic and social structure of the "real world" which has proven to be incredibly fragile and unsustainable. I have visited Earthaven in NC and loved it. I am on a trip across the country right now to visit more that strike my fancy. I have lived in a co-housing community outside of a up-and-coming mid-size city in the south. I'm afraid I didn't get a chance to really dig deep in community as COVID really changed the ballgame. I am currently reading Diana Leafe Christian's great books Creating Community and Finding Community as well as using the as a resource. I want to do my research before I find, what I hope to be, a possible "forever home" -or at least a place to spend the next 5 years or so. I will definitely rent or work-share before I get fully involved! Thank you for reading this far. If you have any leads or idea, let me know. I'm spending the next few months really trying to figure this out.