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How to remove Smart Meter from your property

How to remove Smart Meter from your property

How to remove Smart Meter from your property

I am NOT a lawyer, so all the information provided here is for general guidance only. I may be inaccurate in some details. If you have Smart-meter related health issues, you can use the instructions below Step by step: 1. Contact your electricity distributor and ask to remove Smart meter according to Equal Opportunity Act 2010. For more information please refer to: and

Demand WRITTEN ANSWERS ONLY! KEEP ALL RECORDS! Get digital sound recorder and record all relevant phone conversations! The cost of the digital recorder starts from $10, not a big deal. 2. If unsuccessful, go one level higher: Try to contact the following organisations:

Use the links ( from the first step) to ensure that they (EWOV and Human Rights Commission) will get some knowledge about Equal Opportunity Act 2010, because from my experience of dealing with them, they have none (or pretend to do so). Again, keep all records and demand only written answers. Not to be shy - they have to help you, it is their job. 3. If unsuccessful again, use this option - the only one that currently works You should fill some forms, Please find attached the instruction where and how to find the forms. And believe me, very soon your distributor will contact you and will try to negotiate removal of the Smart meter. 4. And there is a trick: if you sign a Non Disclosure agreement with the distributor during mediation you will get "gag" order and you won’t be allowed to provide full assistance to other people who also suffer from radiation. Also, in the future your own prospect of getting compensation, publish your story or just share it with fiends will be jeopardised.

On mediation professional lawyers can trick you, lie to you, bluff. It does not matter if you find out later – they already got your signature on the deal and they «gagged» you, so they do not care.

 5. So if you want to be a free man and do not want to have any obligations to corporations, who care only about profits and who look at people only as a source of dividends for shareholders - better request VCAT to make orders on your case.

Court ruling is open to public and can be used for any purpose you might seek in the future, including compensation related to damages for health, forceful relocation (becoming refugee), etc.

Lawyers cannot lie in court because everything will be on the record. And judge would not allow them to trick you, even if you come without lawyer.

If I were you, I would refuse mediation at all, or from the start agree only to "no gag order" conditions. And demand 3 business days for cooling-off period. During this time you will be able to get independent advise from lawyer («gag order» allows you to use one).

6. If you need assistance - please register in and contact me.