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Historic Mango Grove Anahata

Contact PersonMichelle
Contact Phone8083459705
Last Update30-Apr-2018

Rental Period Cost Per Period Bond Description
Contact advertiser for price details.
Our community seeks to welcome one or two eco-friendly, conscious residents to our homestead. Lokomaika'i is a 7-acre, organic and sustainable farm located in the heart of Mango Grove in Kapoho on the Big Island----this sacred area is a protected, two mil

Mango Grove Hale is a new and delightfully furnished 12x16 cabin, with 8x16 extended lanai, that overlooks an extraordinarily maintained farm in the middle of Puna's flourishing jungle. Completely independent and off-grid, the Sun provides solar electricity, rain water is collected and specially filtered for personal use and purified for drinking, and satellite offers internet service. The enclosed, private bathhouse offers lovely custom wood features, a flush toilet, hot shower, and basin area. Our large, central kitchen looks out onto spacious green lawns, fruit trees, and the jungle beyond. Share a well-stocked, outdoor kitchen which includes a four-burner stove and oven, refrigerator, freezer, and expansive granite counter-tops. Large, shared washing machine available to launder one load a week and line-dry in Kapoho Sunshine!

Daily, weekly, or monthly rates include a charming furnished hale, stocked kitchen, foods from the Aina, and a most beautiful space to live and breathe !

Lokomaika'i offers a natural radiance and we seek to attract those familiar with off-grid living who desire a peaceful alternative to the concrete world. We consciously live Aloha and demonstrate loving kindness and respect for the 5 other residents who share Lokomaika'i and the community beyond. The natural and enhanced gifts of this land and surrounding area support a clean, nourishing rejuvenation.

Our farm is less than 1/8 of a mile from the trail to Arches: walk or use our bikes to transport through a Hau tunnel that brings you to exquisite tide pools along Kapoho's coastline. Half mile further down Beach Rd. is Mermaids tide pools--another natural beauty! Champagne Pond, Wai'opae Tide Pools for snorkeling, Ahalanui warm pond for swimming or relaxing, and Puna's favorite surf spot, Pohoiki, are all less than a ten minute drive from your hale. A short drive to Pahoa offers an abundance of eclectic treasures for a small town: restaurants, boutiques, grocery stores, a museum, and much more to explore. Several farmers' markets also offer local and organic food options. Visit Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano or walk, bike, or boat to view lava meet sea and create an ever-growing Big Island !