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Vital Info
If you are not mobile, does your business have WIFI?
If you are not mobile how far is the nearest phone tower to your business?
Nearest phone tower is 568m away.
If you are not mobile, does the place of business have a smart meter installed?
Smart meter is 10m away from consulting room.
If you are not mobile, is the place of business using EMF blocking materials and have a measured level of protection?
If you are not mobile, of the available connections at the place of business, how many are listed as strong or good signal?
If you are not mobile, what is the average signal strength of these WIFI connections?
If you are not mobile, using a laptop or other device, how many WIFI connections are available?
If you are not mobile, are there mobile phone towers or panels within one KLM of the place of business?
Nearest phone tower is 568m away.
If you are not mobile, is this location offering emergency refuge to EHS people in the case of serious complications?
Roughly how many phone panels are there on the nearest tower?
If you are not mobile, does this location allow the use of cordless phones or dect phones?
If you are not mobile, and if you have a smart meter on the premises, is it transmitting?
Smart meter is 10m away from consulting room.
If you are not mobile, and there is a smart meter, how far from the room is the smart meter in meters approximately?
Smart meter is 10m away from consulting room.

Healthy Building Solutions

SuburbMount Eliza
Street3 Rugby Crt.
Contact PersonDougal Ferguson
Contact Phone0417 140 868
Dougal is a qualified Building Biologist who lives on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne. He travels throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria with his Building Biology consulting business.
Experienced in testing and reducing all forms of EMR related problems, as well as testing and reducing Dirty Electricity. I have data logging meters to record over lengthy periods. I can advise and supply all forms of shielding materials, and can test what you may be using for effectiveness. I also practice the art of Geomancy, or reducing negative earth energies. This is done with dowsing for specific problems & applying a remedy specific for that problem. This also can help with sleep problems & other 'murky' type of feelings one may feel in certain rooms etc. I also can assess drinking water, mould & water damaged buildings, can undertake pre-purchase / lease building inspections. As well as all form of indoor air quality testing. To see more please visit Dougal Ferguson's profile on this at: