How to explain EHS to people that dont understand

How to explain EHS simply and effectively.

Why I am writing this article.

Many people with electrical sensitivity (ES, EHS), become frustrated and feel increasingly isolated because when they try to explain their condition to other people, they are scoffed at and treated with contempt. In most cases, they are considered to be conspiracy theorists or outright nut jobs.

People, including family members, and also the medical profession, think it is a joke. They cannot wait to gossip and snicker behind your back. Some like to make a spectacle of you in front of everyone. This has caused most ES people a lot of stress and driven some to suicide. At the very least, it has made most feel even more isolated and alone as their own family members seemingly turn against them and even attack them lecturing them at every opportunity.

The reason this happens in many cases is because most people do not understand ES. They can’t see it, they can’t feel it and they have never heard of it. To make things worse, the ES person does not have a simple way of explaining their condition that makes it easy for others to understand. Many ES people also make things worse for themselves when trying to explain it by adding elements of things which seem to the listener to be nothing more than conspiracy theory. I hope that I can offer some solutions to this problem using my life experience of having been through all of these issues.

My name is Bruce Evans. I have had ES for well over 15 years and prior to that I had chronic insomnia for forty years. These two conditions overlapped for several years and made life hell for me. Both of these conditions were assumed to be psychological problems by most people and therefore had some stigma attached to them. Insomnia was a bit more believable to the average person, but ES made me and many others into the laughingstock of our ever decreasing social circles.

To combat this, I developed methods of explaining my condition to people that made it easy for just about anyone to understand. Further to this, most people then come to realise that they also are quite probably affected as well. I have rarely failed to explain this condition to any person that will listen to me for a couple of minutes. It has made life a bit easier for me and I hope it will do the same for you.

These are the methods I use. They may or may not be helpful to you. I hope they are.

What this article is not about.

I would first like to explain what this article is not about.
It is not about being technically, medically or biologically correct. It is about getting a message across. I am not going to try to explain to a person how EMR effects the human body at a cellular level. We would be there all day and I don’t know that stuff anyway.

Our objective is to find the simplest way of getting a piece of information into a person’s head in the shortest possible time frame in a way that they can understand. We are not trying to give the history of ES and the government conspiracy to use military grade weapons against the public or any other topic regardless of whether it is true or not.

In order to get this info into their head, we need a very simple example that any lay person can understand in a logical manner so that the penny drops. It is not about dazzling them with brilliance and leaving them dumbfounded. It is also not about talking to people like they are idiots because they do not understand the basics of how electricity can affect them.  It is not about initiating someone into a secret society where you are the grand wizard.
Believe me, I have seen all of these approaches being used. They do nothing to further our cause and are in fact more damaging than helpful. These people would have been better off saying nothing rather than being seen as representing ES people.

There may be many causes of ES. The objective is not to list them all and baffle the person with your in depth knowledge of every facet of ES. It is to get the penny to drop and for them to see that there is a logical, simple, explanation for this condition.

The other purpose of my example is to get them to realise that they are not immune to the effects of electricity themselves, because they are not. They could well end up in the same boat as you as the intensity of EMR emitting devices increases.

How to explain your condition.

Choose your target audience.
Some people are not worth wasting your time on. So don’t do it. You will end up looking like a beggar standing on the street corner trying to convince people that the aliens are coming.

Your condition is genuine, it is just not widely known. Do not lower yourself to following people around trying to convince them it is real. Let them go so that you do not aggravate yourself.

There is a whole range of people that you may have trouble with. The key to dealing with these people is to not deal with them. Don’t waste your time. You will frustrate yourself even more. Let them believe what they want. Don’t even raise the topic with them unless they genuinely ask you about it. And if they revert to being an annoyance while you are explaining, stop immediately. You would be amazed at the power of silence in a conversation. You need to not care if they believe ES is real or not. There is little value in converting people some people.

You do not have to beg people to listen. The less you try to convince people your condition is genuine, they more they will ask you about it. But when you do decide to tell them about it, you are going to tell them on your terms, not theirs.

Simplest method of explaining that you have ES.
Opening Method #1 – The average Joe:
This is just a simple conversational type opening. It is said as if you were explaining how to put your shoes on. Calm, matter of fact, take it or leave it type of attitude. Do not come across as desperate to get the info out there. It is better said as if you couldn’t care less whether they know about it or not.
So in this scenario, somehow the topic has been raised that you have ES.
Just say:
“I get headaches, nausea, tinnitus and other stuff when I am around WIFI, smart meters or mobile phones”.
Then stop. It is that simple. This is just an opening to lead into further conversation.
Do not go on and on about it. Do not sound like you are desperate to tell your life story.

Wait for them to ask:
“what causes that?” or “how can WIFI cause headaches?” or “I use WIFI all day, I don’t get headaches, why do you?”
These are some of the most common questions that I almost always get asked. So now we go onto the explanation where we explain to the listener in a very simple easy steps, why some people are affected by EMR and others are not.

The explanation for why you have ES
I realise that what follows is an idealised conversation and that nothing in the real world goes this smooth. But I assure you, I have used this explanation time and time again, and it works. Adapt it to your personality and to the situation to make it more fluid.

So the question is:
Them: “what causes that?”.
You: “Well its no big mystery really. It is all quite logical when you understand it.”
Them: “And?”
You: “Well imagine a car antenna. The antenna is made of metal right?”
Them: “yep”
You: “Well most antennas are made of metal because metal can effectively capture radio waves right?”
Them: “yeah, I suppose so”

(Get them to follow your logic and get agreement along the way. If they raise some technical objection or question, just say something like “mate, im not an expert. I am sure there is someone that can answer that question, or, I’ll come back to that…”. Try not to get into minute detail until you have got the penny to drop. Once the penny drops, the door is open for conversation.)

You: “well your body is no different to the car antenna. If you had lots of metal in your body, would it not make sense that those metal particles could also pick up radio waves and could actually turn your body into a walking antenna? Does that make sense?”
Them: “Maybe, I don’t know, what about ……..”
Try not to progress past this point until the penny has dropped. If you need to explain it a bit more, do it. If they are throwing all sorts of technical questions at you, say something like: “mate, im not an expert. Maybe I could find out if you are genuinely interested. But do you get the point about the body being an antenna because it is full of metals?”
Them: “yeah, ok”

So things move forward:
Them: “what are heavy metal toxins?”
You: “They are metals that accumulate in your body over time. The most common sources are amalgam dental fillings, vaccines, fluoride in the water, metal particles in the air etc. They mainly accumulate in the brain and the nervous system.”
(keep it simple, do not get involved in the vaccine argument if possible, even though it is very relevant. If there is a point of contention, just say:”Okay, we can come back to that?”)
Them: “Ok.”
You: “So some people have more metal in their bodies than others. This is why some people are affected and others are not. Some people’s bodies have the capacity to act like antennas because there is so many metals in their body. They are effectively walking antennas. Does that make sense?”
Them: “I suppose”
You: “So in people like me who have more heavy metals than other people, this results in headaches, dizziness, tiredness etc. There is nothing mystical or mysterious about it. It is all quite logical. Does that make sense?”

So usually at this point, the penny has dropped to some degree at least. If not, keep going back to the walking antenna example.

Them: “I don’t see who it could cause a headache”
You: “well when your body is full of metals and is being bombarded by microwaves, the microwaves excite the metal particles that have accumulated in your brain. The result is a headache. It can also result in a whole host of other symptoms that were documented in the 1970’s studies by the US Navy, US Air Force and other government agencies.”
(It is good to mention a few symptoms in here especially ones that you think may apply to them)
Them: “If the government are aware of these problems, why don’t they stop it?”
You: “Profit”
(Try to leave it there. Do not go into conspiracy mode no matter how true it is)

You: “you know, just because you can’t feel the symptoms yourself, does not mean you too are not being affected. Everyone has metals in their body. Natural metals. Magnesium, iron, chromium, zinc, copper etc. They all respond to microwaves to some degree. You might be also affected but on a more subtle level.”
In my experience, this last comment has left the door open for more discussion from a genuinely interested person.

That should be a good start. I have used this approach countless times and to anyone that is even half listening, the penny drops.

Another approach
There is another approach I use that works quite well. I would generally use this in a relaxed setting where I know at least a few of the people in the setting. I like to inject a little humour into things just for fun. But this approach also works very well.
I like to disarm people by making fun of ES right from the start.

Disarming them with humour first.
When you are trying to explain ES, the listener may already be prepared to mock you because they have been forewarned of your condition by others. They may have already been told you are a conspiracy nut due to your past attempts to explain it that did not go over too well. You may also encounter smart alecks that just like to make a mockery of you for their own amusement.

You know that there is always going to be that person that instantly makes jokes about it. Some of them have even pre planned their jokes on you.
You know the jokes I’m talking about: tin foil hats, aliens, voices in your head. You have heard them all before.

So one method I use, that may not be for everyone, is to use all of these jokes myself first so there are no jokes left. Then if the smart aleck tries to use the, say, tin foil hat joke on you, he sounds like a fool because that joke has already been used.

Example: You are in a group setting. Someone has just mentioned to people in the social group that you have problems with WIFI or something like that. Or for some other reason, you need to explain to a person in that group why you have a problem with WIFI. Now you could use the first method mentioned above, but if you want to have a bit of fun with it and lighten the mood, I have found this one works pretty well.

Method #1 – The psycho (my favourite): I look the person dead in the eye, but take on the persona of a psycho, a crazed look in my eyes, gritting my teeth and obsessively rubbing my hands together, and say something like:
“Yep, whenever I am around WIFI, smart meters or mobile phone towers, I start seeing unicorns. I hear voices in my head and start talking to aliens.”
Reactions vary at this point, but I follow on with something like:
“But its ok. Then I put on my tin foil hat and it all goes away. Apart from the voices in my head….” Keeping the crazed look for a second or two…..
So now the smart aleck has nowhere to go with it. He can’t make jokes about tin foil hats because its been done already. You have taken the wind out of his sail right there.

If the person you are talking to has a sense of humour, it gets a laugh too. Who said you cant have a bit of fun with this. I have done this in varying degrees so many times I cannot count.

Method #2 – (Mr Serious):
This one is delivered dead pan. If you have ever seen the comedian called Elliot Goblet, he is a good example of the dead pan approach.
Check him out here:
You look them straight in the eye, without any emotion whatsoever, completely expressionless and say pretty much the same thing as Method #1. Leave space for silence at the end:
 “Whenever I am around WIFI, smart meters or mobile phone towers, I start seeing unicorns and hearing voices in my head. Luckily I have a tin foil hat.”

Both of these methods usually get a laugh. This shows that you have a sense of humour and can have a laugh about it. It is not what people expect.

After using any of these methods, follow on with the walking antenna explanation.

Like I said at the start, there may be many causes for ES. I am not for a second saying that what I have said is the only cause. It is definitely one cause. And it serves as a great way of getting people to understand ES in a couple of minutes.

The key is to not keep going on about it.
Some people go on and on about their condition. EVERYTHING comes back to their ES. They are looking for any excuse to whinge about how bad their life is. It does nothing to help your cause. On top of this, the more you complain, the less they care.

In most cases, the rumour mill has already spread the story that you are a nut job and claim to have some non-existent disease. By constantly harping on about and looking for any excuse to mention it, you are just reinforcing that rumour.
If you give it a rest, people will actually start asking you about it instead. And they will be much more willing to listen to someone that is not constantly whining about their problems than someone who will not shut up.

I can’t go there because….
We have all been in the situation of having to explain that we cant go to a certain place because there is a phone tower there or something like that.
I keep my explanation simple, to the point and don’t try to make a spectacle of myself.
So for example, some family asks if you want to go to a restaurant. But you know that there is a phone tower behind it so you can’t go.
This is how you should NOT handle it:
“OMG! Are you serious? You should know I can’t go where there is phone towers! Are you just trying to make fun of me?! Don’t you know that mobile phone towers are actually weapons?! Are you trying to kill me??”

This might be better:
Them: “We are going to the café, you coming?”
You: “Sorry, cant go, another time maybe”.
Them: “why not?”
You: “I will get a headache from the phone tower behind it. But I don’t want to spoil your fun,  so you go ahead.”
Don’t say this as if you are looking for an opening to tell your sorry story. Just say it and leave it.

If you are with friends you could always have a bit of fun with it:
“Mate, you go there first, knock down that friggin phone tower with your car bro. I’ll ride my unicorn down and meet you there in half an hour”

General Tips:

Do not give them too much at once. Many people will hit you with question after question. They want to delve into the conspiratorial side of it immediately when they have not even grasped the basic concepts yet. Do not follow them down that rabbit hole.

Just leave it there. It does not matter how true all of the government conspiracy stuff is, let them come to that conclusion themselves. If you dump all of that on them in the first conversation, you are going to reinforce your stereotype of being a conspiracy theorist. Then you have lost them. Believe me, I have been that guy LOL.

If you dive in by telling them about the lizard people at the centre of the flat earth that control the freemasons and the Jesuits, or any other “out there” theory, you are probably going to lose them. You will also discredit ES people in general.
If you believe all that stuff, fine. But save it for when you know the person better.

Mentioning symptoms is always good. Most people have one ailment that is listed as being a possible side effect of EMR exposure. Many times I have mentioned a few symptoms and the person has said “maybe that is why I have tinnitus”.
Don’t try to play doctor, let them come to the conclusion that they may also be affected. The truth is they are affected, so why not.

If they start blabbing on and on, maybe look at your watch. In some cases where they have kept on blabbering on, I have just said “did you want to know about this or not?” If they keep on yabbering on, just drop it completely. Do not go back to that topic, just sit there and don’t try to hide the fact that you are bored with listening to their non stop yabbering.

The best thing to do with a person like this is to not be around them. But if you are forced to be around them, and they have continued talking non stop, don’t try to interject with your ES story. It makes you look desperate. Wait for them to ask you for more info. If they don’t ask, it is no great loss. I doubt anyone would listen to them anyway. So they are not going to further our cause.

Well, I hope this helps. I welcome your comments.