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Electrosensitives needed for study

Electrosensitives needed for study
Liz Barris 

Hello All,
It is my intent to prove electrosensitivity (illness caused by wireless products and infrastructure, dirty electricity stray voltage, etc.) in a court of law in the US.  Not workman's comp court or small claims court (although that too is important) but in regular state or federal court.

To achieve this end, we are going to need peer reviewed, published studies proving it.  For this purpose, a short while ago, I sought out Dr. Heuser (physician behind fire fighters brain scans in  IAFF - report) due to his work on the fire fighters IAFF and his excellent track record as an expert witness for chemical sensitives who have won their cases.  The timing was right as he told me he was coming out of retirement to work on the EMF issue and agreed to do a study that we can use in court should the results yield what we believe they will.


When electrosensitives get MRIs to see what is wrong with them, their scans usually come out clear or normal, yet they know things are most definitely NOT normal.  However, Dr. Heuser has found some ground breaking results with regards to functional MRI (as opposed to regular MRI) where neurological damage can be shown in electrosensitives.  My functional MRI came out positive for neurological damage, consistent with the 3 other electrosensitives in the study who also showed such damage.

We are currently seeking 6 more electrosensitives to participate in this study.  Participation will include undergoing a functional MRI and possibly a mast cell test (skin biopsy) along with possibly an additional blood test.  I have thus far completed both the functional MRI and mast cell test.  We have not gotten results back yet from my mast cell test, but the most important exam is the functional MRI.  

If you are electrosensitive or know of an electrosensitive that would like to participate in this study please forward this email to them.  They can call with me with questions 310-281-9639 or call Dr. Heuser directly at 360-437-0919.  He is currently traveling but will return your call upon his return in about a week.

Just to let you know, as an electrosensitive, I did react to the MRI, so whoever is participating in the study should know that you may also react to it.  Also these medical tests have to be paid for by us through our insurance if we have it, as there is no major funding for this study at this time. 

To read about Dr. Heuser, please visit his new website...

Thank you so much for your help and participation in this ground breaking, evidentiary study on electrosensitivity.  Here's to our great success with this study and a much needed successful lawsuit proving electrosensitivity in the US.

Liz Barris