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Electro Magnetic Radiation sensitivity has been an ongoing issue for me for many years now

Electro Magnetic Radiation sensitivity has been an ongoing issue for me for many years now
Electro Magnetic Radiation sensitivity has been an ongoing issue for me for many years now.  It was first brought to my attention when I was living in Amsterdam either in 2009 or 2010.  For years I had terrible pain and heat in my head, an awfully high pitched sound in my ears and all the signs of electro-magnetic pollution.  In fact, my hair was falling out.  I was pulling out chunks of it.  My skin would appear with a rash over it and my eyes had really dark circles beneath them. I was not feeling well at all, I felt exhausted when I was walking and out of breath quickly. My chest had these weird hollow sounds as well.  I knew something was wrong but did not know what to do about it.  I had one of those Nokia 3210 phones and it would become very hot when I would speak on it so I tried to not use it very much. I also experienced massive blood clots, the size of eggs, when I menstruated and tingling sensations down my shins. 

I then made the decision to move to France from Amsterdam to heal myself.  Within a few weeks, of having been there, there was one day which clearly stood out when my ears became 'decongested' and I almost heard a type of popping/ watery sound.  My hearing became sharp again and there was this massive relief in the unblocking; the sharpness of my hearing returned to some normality.  The closest analogy is that it is like swimming in water and your ears have become blocked.  Then a few hours later you are at home and your ears pop and water comes out of them.  That relief that you feel.  That is what I experienced getting away from digital electricity and wi-fi. The high pitched sound also disappeared so I knew this sensitivity had to do with my environment.  I did not know the name of what was going on but since having researched it and now know that it has to do with some people being more electro-magnetic sensitive than other people.  However, it affects us all the same at a cellular level, including bees, just that I can inform you better of where there is electrical pollution!  Even in the 1980s, if I was laying down next to one of those VHS recorders, I was able to hear an ever so slight sound that was being emitted from them.

Then in 2013 I moved to an area of Melbourne and found that I was having these same issues that I had had in Amsterdam.  I soon discovered it was EMF and now could put terminology to what I was experiencing.  It was a relief to discuss this with other electro-magnetic hypersensitive people.  Everytime I left this wifi hot spot area, there was much relief.  The tinnitus would stop.  I would sleep well.  If I slept in a van, that also created a sanctuary for a good nights sleep.

I have had four different addresses in the same area, all of which I have experienced the symptoms of EMR -electro magnetic radiation. 
I am currently also suffering from blurred vision and insomnia from wifi/digitalised electrical metres/etc and reading many articles including cybernetics and how RF have been used as psychological warfare.


As I am on limited funds and studying at the moment, i do not have the resources to build a faraday cage, below are some images of what i did recently.  Covered cardboard with aluminium surrounding the entire bed space below the loft bed but unfortunately it did not omit the tinnitus.  However, due to the cardboard, it kept my cold sleeping area warm so i was happy about that!

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