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We were unable to get cellular reception in the house unless we used special equipment.
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All wiring in the house is shielded. There are no mechanical in the house.
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EMS and MCS Refuge in New Mexico

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Sensitivity TypeEHS
CountryUnited States Virgin Islands

CountryUnited States
State/ProvinceNew Mexico
Street35 Pioneer Drive
Contact PersonChristy Dammen
Contact Phone952-237-2268
Last Update30-Apr-2016

Rental Period Cost Per Period Bond Description
Contact advertiser for price details.
Buy House Built Specifically for EMS/MCS

We couldn’t find a non-toxic house, so we built our own MCS sanctuary four years ago in New Mexico. My husband scoured the country, living in a van, until he found a safe place in a part of Northern New Mexico surrounded by three national forests. We had the house built on 11 pristine acres atop a mesa. Today my husband is well, we live in a large Texas city, and are selling the house that helped him recover.

This house was designed and constructed under EcoNest’s Dave Madden, the successor to Paula Baker-Laporte, author of, Prescriptions for a Healthy House. As we built this house, we inspected every material and component and even visited manufacturing sites to ensure cleanliness, including the assembly of Durisol blocks used in construction along with fiberglass re-rod. Our building protocol incorporated, but was much stricter than, that outlined in Baker-Laporte’s book.

Our building costs alone were $500K, but we are offering the house at $400K because, like any healthy house, it is grossly undervalued. Specialty building materials aren’t considered in most valuations. Rather than use paint, most of the interior 18-inch thick walls are covered in clay. The thicker walls avoid using traditional vapor barriers and allow the house to breathe, preventing mold. Instead of using drywall (which contains mercury and formaldehyde and has a tendency to develop mold) we used magnesium oxide board, which has no harmful chemicals and costs about three times more. We have clean, in-floor heating in this all-electric, passive solar home. All floors are ceramic tile. The property’s well is stainless steel.

EMS precautions include fiberglass re-rod in the walls, fiberglass mesh for the exterior stucco, shielded and grounded wiring, and a switch to shut off all current in the bedroom. Mechanicals are in a room off the detached two-car garage.

The house was designed and built to support easy expansion, and additional materials for that purpose come with the house. The house is located about an hour north of Santa Fe in the culture-rich area where Georgia O’Keefe lived and painted. The 1204-square-foot house has one bedroom, a large walk-in closet, a bathroom spa with a large tub that includes jets and an infrared sauna. Interior nichos in the entry provide ample room to show off treasures. A large family room provides a view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Espańola Valley, and the Jemez Mountains. A similar view exists in the dining room. The kitchen includes stainless steel appliances and granite countertops as well as a barstool countertop. A spacious walled courtyard exists between the house and garage. Ample storage room exists in the attics of the house and garage. It is a peaceful, beautiful place. We really want to sell the house to someone with MCS/EMS so they do not have to struggle to build a house when they are already ill. – Christy Dammen

Link to listing:

Realtor: Lynn Cravens, Zia Realty, (505) 927-5936, 505-455-0000 (Office),