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Vital Info
If you are not mobile, does your business have WIFI?
If you are not mobile how far is the nearest phone tower to your business?
If you are not mobile, does the place of business have a smart meter installed?
If you are not mobile, is the place of business using EMF blocking materials and have a measured level of protection?
If you are not mobile, of the available connections at the place of business, how many are listed as strong or good signal?
If you are not mobile, what is the average signal strength of these WIFI connections?
If you are not mobile, using a laptop or other device, how many WIFI connections are available?
If you are not mobile, are there mobile phone towers or panels within one KLM of the place of business?
If you are not mobile, is this location offering emergency refuge to EHS people in the case of serious complications?
Roughly how many phone panels are there on the nearest tower?
If you are not mobile, does this location allow the use of cordless phones or dect phones?
If you are not mobile, and if you have a smart meter on the premises, is it transmitting?
If you are not mobile, and there is a smart meter, how far from the room is the smart meter in meters approximately?

EMR Australia

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Trades And ServicesEMR Mitigation
Dowser / Diviner

SuburbSylvania Southgate
StreetPO Box 347
Contact PersonLyn McLean
Contact Phone02 9576 1772
EMR Australia: specialists in electromagnetic radiation testing, shielding and solutions. We have the experience, the professionals, the equipment, the network and the commitment to provide you with the best service and solutions. We are EMR specialists,n
We are committed to helping Australians with EMR-related problems and have been doing so for over eleven years. Our products and services are second to none. We understand the issue of electromagnetic hypersensitivity better than most. We recommend that people with this condition begin their journey to wellness by reducing exposure to EMR and this is an area in which we specialise. We have designed kits for measuring and reducing household exposure. We offer the highest level of technical expertise, quality information and resources. Our products are sourced from different sources internationally so as to be among the most effective on the market. We recommend only products that can be demonstrated and certified as effective. EMR Australia incorporates voluntary work among its activities including the publication of the free quarterly report 'EMR and Health' and free online resources, the writing of submissions to government departments and representing the community on national forums. We would be pleased to be of assistance to you.