EHS activism volunteer

Volunteers wanted

EHS, EMR, activists or concerned people who have basic or better computer skills are needed to help get the message out.
Can you help?
EMR activists wanted to help fight smart meters, phone towers and WIFI. 

We need people that can help by:

    • Researching and reporting on legal cases that are relevant to EHS sufferers
    • Help by gathering other activists and creating organisations to fight EMR
    • Source and load research materials onto this site
    • Write or source articles for this site
    • Source and load videos onto this site
    • Do interviews with victims of EMR
    • Do car and product reviews and their suitability for EHS
    • Organise or coordinate activist events
    • Carry out EMR readings in your area
    • Source places like WIFI free schools, cafes, restaurants and other venues and list them on this site
    • Source EMR, EHS, related events and list them on this site
    • Research and write about laws that affect people with EHS

          If you think you can help, let us know. We EHS people need other EHS people as well as non-EHS people to help. You do not have to have EHS to help us. Anyone can help. Non-EHS people are particularly helpful in activism as there are many places we cannot go and many things that we cannot do due to our condition.

          We would love to setup information booths in the major CBD's of the country, but we can't because of the mass of phone towers and WIFI hotspots. But if you can tolerate this for short periods of time and are willing, you could.

      For most activities you can do your chosen activity from your own home. You can build a multi page profile on this site about yourself with your own header image that promotes your own site. All of your activities will be linked back to your profile page which can then link to your own site, Facebook page etc. Do as much or as little as you like. Occasional contributors welcome.

This site is about to receive a lot of mainstream press coverage due to upcoming articles. It is the perfect place to launch your film or documentary making career from, but hurry.

Contact us here:

We hope to see you on board and look forward to working with you.
Bruce Evans