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French EHS refuge

EHS Zone Refuge France
(please excuse any incorrect translations) 

EHS Zone Refuge France "Operating Instructions"

EHS Zone Refuge is an area situated in a zone
 natural, it is made available to EHS in distress
 for a renewal of the organization,
 this in a humanitarian context:

This is not a white area, but an area with very low radiation, (without beam or lobe) densities very low residual powers range from less than one hundredth of uW / m²
for caravans of 0.01 / 0.02 mW / m² in protected areas.
 The topography and facilities annihilate the
 Most of the radiation, however a residual variable exists.
 For extreme cases, immediately on arrival at an area
 Faraday cage (office container), is available with 1 + 2 beds.

 The stay is made either caravans or appointed office container
 camper or staff standards
 (In the summer period can be waived for tents).
 The EHS must be able to manage in full.
 "A test" prior few days is absolutely necessary, especially for extreme EHS (caravans with
 protections available free for testing).
 The living spaces are equipped with additional protections and protections against satellite radiation.

If you are totally unknown to the organization, it requested a letter of recommendation
 either a doctor or an association or group or someone known to the organization.

 To stay at EHS Zone Refuge it is also necessary to have a minimum of knowledge about
 the issue of EHS, so a subscription and support the organization.
 The manager can immediately terminate a stay
 for various reasons on simple verbal order, without prior discussion and no motivation.
 Having a stay of agreement or to stay at the EHS Refuge Zone constitutes acceptance of this regulation.

 EHS staying EHS Zone Refuge does so under his own responsibility for all possible situations,
 he explicitly disclaims any liability or criminal organization,
 and the owner of the area, particularly in case of accidents, etc ....
All vehicles on area must comply with the regulations, that is to say in particular be ensured.

 Two scenarios are possible to stay in the EHS Refuge Zone:

 1- or you have a motorhome or caravan, in this case, please send to
your arrival date, even approximate, by return a map to the EHS Refuge Zone will be shipped.

 2 - either you do not have any means of accommodation, in this case, please send to

More information here:
EHS refuge France