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Vital Info
Must the location have no WIFI?
Must this accommodation have no smart meters installed?
Does the accommodation need to have a faraday cage?
Does the accommodation need to have an EMR canopy over the bed to be used?
Do you need a room that has EMR shielding materials installed?
Is it OK if there is a phone tower within 1KLM of this accommodation?
Is it OK if the accommodation is offering refuge to other EHS people?
Is it OK if the accommodation has WIFI in the adjoining building?
Must this accommodation have a no mobile phones policy?
Must this accommodation have a no cordless or DECT phones policy?

Diane Scofield

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Sensitivity TypeEHS
CountryUnited States
Location TypeSemi Rural
Isolated Valley
Mountain Region
Property TypeHouse
Rent, Buy, TemporaryRent

CountryUnited States
Suburbcountry place prefered
Contact PersonDiane
Contact Phone541 347-4226
Wanted: A Place to Purchase, Caregive, Rent, REnt to own, lease, or park and RV or yurt in Rural Oregon's Coos, Douglas, Curry , Lane or Linn Counties

I am a middle-aged homeschooling mother who is looking for a place to heal from a radiation injury I received from being exposed to a 3-D cone beam x-ray at a dental office which caused ratiation burns and a severe inflamitory reaction to my throat. I am not able to be around any cell phones or wireless technolory of any kind without pain, swelling and redness occuring in my throat. I need a place to heal from the terrible effects of this injury. I would like to move to a radiation-free area with some of our adult and teen-age children. My husband will remain at our current location for now to keep up our place there. My children are all very capible, and we would be able to help out with any caregiving chores or needs a property owner might have. Also, we would consider purchasing a place, renting, ore placing an RV or yurt on a place. We would like to be located in rural Oregon, in Coos, Douglas, north Curry, Lane, or Linn counties in that preferred order. If you live in Oregon and know a place where we could live which is a cell dead, or very,very low cellular place, please let us know.