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Debra Martin - My story began in 2002 when I first started getting sick

Debra Martin - My story began in 2002 when I first started getting sick
Debra Martin 

My story began in 2002 when I first started getting sick. I already had multiple food allergies/sensitivities I was reacting too at this stage but everything got suddenly worse after a mercury filling fell out and I swallowed it. A few years earlier, the same thing had happened and that’s when the food allergies started. I started to experience severe brain/nervous system inflammation and out of desperation, went to a chiropractor. For the following 5 years I worked for 2 Chiropractors and had Corrective treatment of 2-3 adjustments a week. All my symptoms went into remission. In 2008, while working in Administration, I found as the intensity of adjustments wore off, the inflammation began to come back. Then another filling fell out and I swallowed a good deal of it again. Everything went downhill after that.

I told my boss I was reacting to the computer, being on it all day and he put me out the back for a while which helped but I was needed on the computers and my Chronic Fatigue and inflammation worsened until I finally left burnt out. I thought I’d overworked myself at the time and didn’t associate the fatigue and inflammation with EMF’s. One of the Chiros I worked with adjusted me for nine months because I was so desperate and this helped to reduce the severity of my symptoms but never stopped them.

I continued to use computers and sometimes a mobile phone up until 2011 when I began to make the association with towers, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, tv’s, and computers. Even then, I still wasn’t aware of how badly they were affecting me. My partner, 3 times, used a mobile phone in the car and put me into almost complete paralysis. This was caused by the severe fatigue that being in an enclosed space with the phone evoked. I couldn’t walk, talk, move and breathing was almost impossible as the energy it took to allow my chest to rise was inconceivable. It felt like I was dying. Atrial Fibrillation would flare up because my blood was so thick, my heart was having trouble pumping blood. All of these things relate back to the way EMF causes red blood cells to stick together, preventing oxygen getting to the brain. My partner on 2 of these occasions buried me in the sand at the beach and after about 30 minutes I could move again and within 2 hours I was functional. So I stopped all mobile phone use in closed spaces and started recognizing that in unenclosed spaces, the blood thickening was affecting me in a different way. I would develop lumps all through my lymphatic system, arms, neck, shoulder blades and these lumps didn’t go away when exposure ended. Sometimes they were there for months at a time, - painful, limiting, fatiguing, completely debilitating my life. I was diagnosed with severe Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, Hypothyroidism (Hashimotos) and Atrial Fibrillation.

Being in public places is a nightmare for me. I can’t go to shopping centres or restaurants anymore because the pain from exposure is so bad. I had to see a Psychologist for over a year to deal with the panic attacks I was suffering from anxiety about people using mobile phones around me. When I can’t avoid it and it gets me, my partner massages the lumps out throughout my whole body, and it takes 4 massages before they clear, while I scream, fight and cry into a pillow but it’s the only way to stop months of debilitation and fatigue. If he massages the lumps out, I can be over it all within 3 weeks usually but sometimes some of it still hangs around. I never stop searching for something that will help. Most of my money is spent on supplements that keep me functional. I live in the hot zone of a mobile phone tower and I have a large electrical box out the front of my house, but I’ve been lucky up until recently because I’ve been surrounded by rural land. This is all being bulldozed away now as suburbia moves in. 

I still count my blessings that where I am I don’t have to have a wireless NBN connection, I use a wired desktop with the box separated from where I am, and I can work around most things most days. I do my food shopping at night or low peak periods, I go to Tai Chi once a week because I’ve found that I can do some things where people are too active to use phones. The isolation is probably the hardest thing to cope with, not having a support network, apart from my partner who understands, and a few friends online. I miss my kids birthday dinners and events now and that’s hard. But I still believe I’m one of the lucky ones. So many people are walking around designating the destruction of their health with their technology. They’re disconnected from real living, people, nature, and disrupting their natural frequencies. I’ve spent years studying natural therapies, probably so I can help multitudes of people suffering in the future because of their lack of knowledge of what EMF does to us. Please share this to create awareness in the general public.