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Vital Info
If you are not mobile, does your business have WIFI?
If you are not mobile how far is the nearest phone tower to your business?
If you are not mobile, does the place of business have a smart meter installed?
If you are not mobile, is the place of business using EMF blocking materials and have a measured level of protection?
If you are not mobile, of the available connections at the place of business, how many are listed as strong or good signal?
If you are not mobile, what is the average signal strength of these WIFI connections?
If you are not mobile, using a laptop or other device, how many WIFI connections are available?
If you are not mobile, are there mobile phone towers or panels within one KLM of the place of business?
If you are not mobile, is this location offering emergency refuge to EHS people in the case of serious complications?
Roughly how many phone panels are there on the nearest tower?
If you are not mobile, does this location allow the use of cordless phones or dect phones?
If you are not mobile, and if you have a smart meter on the premises, is it transmitting?
If you are not mobile, and there is a smart meter, how far from the room is the smart meter in meters approximately?

Certified EMF Consultant Training

State/ProvinceInternational Tainin
StreetUSA based
Contact PersonChris Young PE
Contact Phone
Professional Online Training offers you internationally respected qualifications preparing you for an in-demand career as a Certified EMF Consultant.
EMF-Experts offers both live online EMF Consultant Certification training for the leading edge business-minded, and online self-guided EMF Expertise in Action focused on EMF detection and protection training for the do-it-yourselfer (with credit towards optional certification later). These 6-week or 12-week training courses are under the knowledgeable guidance of a highly qualified senior USA professional electrical engineer with an international background in EMF energy and power utilities. We are proud to offer highly respected EMF Professional Training Certification that takes the burgeoning industry of EMF Consulting to a new standard of excellence. While this training open to savvy entrepreneurs and enthusiastic second career retirees, it is particularly well suited to those for whom this type of training is a natural expansion of the business services they currently offer, and those who desire a home-based business, such as Electrosensitives who understand firsthand EMF detection and protection issues. This highly regarded international training also qualifies as professional continuing education credit-hours for maintaining licensure in various professions, such as engineering. See for information on our various training courses. And watch the certification training introductory video at: